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Regrets and Lost Loves All Rolled Into a Bus...Keeping the Dream Alive

Updated on January 30, 2015


Do you ever stop to think about that one big regret in your life? I know you have one. We all do. Maybe it was the girl in seventh grade you were too afraid to kiss or the boy you said no to when he asked you to prom because you wanted to go with the jerk who asked your ex-best friend instead? No? Really?? I know, I know. I get it. There are so many more important things in life to regret than dumb old boys and girls. You know, like that time you didn't buy that beat up old VW Bus when you had the chance....oh, no wait. That can't be your regret because it is most definitely mine.

Lost Love

It was 1987 and she was old even then, her yellow paint so faded she really couldn't be called yellow anymore. She'd been sitting in the grassy portion of the little used car lot for weeks taunting me with the sunlight she reflected off her windshield. She was everything I'd ever wanted and in her, I could see a future of crazy adventures with friends, the wind taking our breath away as we rolled aimlessly in search of anything we could find. I envisioned campfires on soft, sandy beaches and majestic snow capped mountains and roaring rivers with rocks to climb across and smooth crystal clear lakes in summertime as the miles clicked off one by one on that old odometer.

Angel Wings

Finally the day came when I pulled my 1979 Plymouth Valiant onto that used car lot determined to trade for that bus. My best friend was with me and we were chattering endlessly about where we would take her and all the fun we were going to have. The owner of the lot agreed to let me take her for a spin and to recall that test drive now, it was like floating on clouds with angel wings attached to the bumpers. The reality is that it was bumpy and she steered like a stubborn old mule, but oh how I loved her! I was sold and ready to make the trade. The owner of the lot, however, had other ideas. While I'd been tooling about in the love of my life, he'd taken my old Valiant for a test drive himself. Unfortunately for me, he'd made a left hand turn while doing so and that old car would die every time it turned left. Yes, you read that right. I could only turn right in that car. That used car salesman would have none of that and my dreams were dashed right there on the spot.

Moving On

I considered selling my Valiant and buying the Bus, but someone else snatched her away from me before I could make my move. The day I saw she was missing from her spot on the lot was the end of the dream for me. I eventually came to terms with this loss and realized it wasn't a very practical dream anyway. Less than two years later, I bought a new Pontiac LeMans that looked like a white egg and the folks at work deemed it my Mork car. She got me where I needed to go most of the time, but she was no Bus. While I gave up on my dream of ever owning a real VW Bus, I haven't given up my love for them. My daily view is now that of a cubicle in the cube farm that I travel to every day in my Hyundai, but that doesn't mean I can't fill that space with things that remind me of those youthful fantasies. Coffee mugs and posters and calendars all help me remember that I can still wander....even while sitting at my desk.

Chasing the Dream

Set of Four Campervan Mugs
Set of Four Campervan Mugs

If I can't drive it, I'll drink to it! My morning cup of coffee will surely taste better when I drink it from one of these!!


Do you still have the dream?

Where would you take your VW Bus?

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A footnote:

This is my very first Hub and to be honest, I'm not sure I'm doing any of this right. I question whether this is at all informative and debated for hours on hitting the publish button, but I figured I'd get my feet wet writing about a fond memory and how I keep it alive. It's no tutorial or recipe and there is no great secret revealed, but I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and maybe it made you recall a time when you had a dream. I hope it made you smile and provided some inspiration for keeping your own dreams alive any way you can. :)


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