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Replace GM Keyless Remote Battery

Updated on February 3, 2012
Typical GM Keyless Entry Remote
Typical GM Keyless Entry Remote

The compact batteries that are used in GM keyless entry remotes require periodic replacement. Taking in a keyless remote for battery replacement to a car dealer can set you back $20-$50. You would not take your TV remote to an electronics store to have the batteries replaced, so use the same logic for your car’s keyless remote. Do it yourself and save some money.

Warning: Take care when opening the remote’s case and removing the battery to avoid damaging the delicate connection of the battery holder to the circuit board.


  • Small screwdriver or flat thin tool
  • Replacement battery (typically a CV 2032)
  • Voltmeter or multimeter (optional)

Keyless Remote Battery Replacement

Step 1: Starting at the bottom opposite the key ring connection, use a small screwdriver or flat tool to pry open the black case of the keyless entry remote. Take care not to crack the case, damage the circuit board inside or hurt your hands in the process.

GM Keyless Remote Parts
GM Keyless Remote Parts

Step 2: Inspect the position and orientation of each part inside the remote’s case. There should be a circuit board with attached battery and a rubber button grommet in addition to the 2 halves of the black case.

Step 3: Carefully slide the old battery out of the battery holder on top of the circuit board.

Step 4: Optionally you can check that the battery was dead by using a voltmeter or digital multimeter. Most GM keyless entry remotes use a CR 2032 battery which provides 3 volts DC.

Step 5: Place the new battery into the battery holder with the imprinted marking side up, just like the old battery was oriented before removal.

Step 6: Position the rubber button grommet and circuit board together and place properly in one half of the remote’s black case. Line up the second half of the keyless remote case and squeeze together. If the parts do not fairly squeeze back together, stop applying pressure since something is lined up incorrectly. Realign the parts and try again.

Step 7: Take the keyless remote with fresh batteries out to your GM vehicle and give it a try. Hopefully everything works and you can enjoy your savings.

Tips: If the keyless remote still does not work and you encountered a battery holder that was disconnected, check out this article to repair the problem:


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    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 2 years ago from Ljubljana

      Thanks for the tips, I think everybody can do that with so detailed explanations.

      By the way, isn't fascinating how dependent we became from batteries and how slow is the progress of science in this area? I just got new keyboard and mouse and they are both wireless (they need batteries, of course), and it looks this is a standard now ...