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Replacing 2004 F-150 Window Regulator

Updated on October 4, 2012

I went to lunch yesterday, and while driving back to work, I noticed the passenger side window slowly opening or moving downward. I watched in amaze as I could not figure out how that was happening. I looked over to my window/lock control switches and there was nothing going on there. Well, as I continued to drive, the window continued to fall. By the time I got to work the window was completely down or open. I tried the switch and I could hear the motor was still working, but nothing was happening.

After searching on google. Apparently, this is a common issue with the 2004 F-150. From another article, it states that this is the 12th most common complaint on

I hope this hub will help others that have the same problem. With the right tools and a little bit of patients, it's not a bad job to do on your own. I found the regulator on The local auto stores had them also, but the price was cheaper online.

Removing the regulator probably took an hour or so.

Tools Needed

- Metric Socket Set
- Nylon Pry Tools for removing the door panel. (will not scratch the surface)
- Torx Screw Drive Set for removing the actual window regulator
- Some Tape to hold the window up.


- Remove the 2 6mm bolts at the bottom edge of the door panel

- Remove the control panel, by prying up along the front edge with the nylon pry tool. Continue to move along the edge prying it up. It will pop up without a lot of pressue. Unplug the two switches.

- Remove the 1 10mm bolt that is inside the opening where the control panel was.

- Pop off the little plastic cover that is inside the door handle panel and remove the 2 8mm bolts inside the door handle.

- Remove the speaker cover and the speaker.

- Remove the door panel, by lifting straight up. You can push from the bottom, up. Once you have cleared the door lock, you can lean the door panel back. There is still a cable on the inside of the door handle. You will need to remove this.

- Remove the plastic water shield completely. I used an adjustable razor to cut the glue that was holding the plastic cover.

- Make sure the window is all the way up. I used painters tape to hold it in place.

- Unplug the harness for the window motor.

- Remove the 5 10mm bolts holding the window regulator in place.

- There are 2 torx screws holding the plastic clamps to the actual window. You will have to remove these. You might have to move the window up to get to both of them.

- You can remove the regulator now. You will have to do some wiggling the maneuvering of the window regulator to get it out.


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