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Restoring a Chevy Suburban

Updated on May 13, 2014

 To some it is a washed up piece of scrap metal but to you it is a challenging project. That old Chevy Suburban can be up and running and looking like new again if you are willing to put in the time and money to restore it. You will need to determine what condition the project vehicle is in, how much you are willing to spend in time and money and what the worth of the vehicle will be when finished.

The Engine and Mechanics

When you are restoring a Chevy Suburban you will want to start by getting the engine and over all mechanics of the vehicle in running order. Depending on the age and condition of the vehicle this can be a few tune ups or a complete overhaul or replacement of the vehicles engine and mechanics. If you do not have the knowledge or capability to restore the engine and mechanics you may opt to pay for a professional to do it for you.


Restoring the body of your Chevy Suburban can be done by you if you have the facilities to repair and paint the vehicle, either as a whole or a body panel. Other wise you will need to take it to a professional car body shop and pay to have it done. Some restorations on Chevy Suburbans require just a few touche-ups on the paint while others will involve fixing dents or replacing entire panels. If you are restoring an early Chevy Suburban model you will have to either fabricate or find some body panels or accessories that are no longer produced. This will involve some research and hunting for the right piece to complete your project.


From the door handles to the upholstery you are going to be restoring the inside of the Chevy Suburban as well as the body. Just like the engine and the body if the vehicle is an older model you may be in for a challenge to find the right replacement parts for the interior of your Chevy Suburban. There are many upholstery shops that can recreate most any look in the seats and interior of the vehicle.

Custom Restorations

When restoring your Chevy Suburban you will want to decide if you are going to be restoring it to it's original condition or if you will be doing a custom restoration on it. Custom restorations involve as much or as little as you want to customize on or in the vehicle. You can put a better engine and mechanics in to the vehicle to create a better more fuel efficient Suburban. You can alter the body of the car by adding or removing the height or length as well as adding custom panels or decorative pieces. You can customize the interior with modern seats, high tech stereo equipment or power windows. There are various options for customizing every part of your restored Chevy Suburban.


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