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Review Of Junk My Car

Updated on January 3, 2013
1958 Dodge Coronet
1958 Dodge Coronet

After reading a little about this place I decided to write my review of it. This is only after I contacted them about taking my car.

That's Quite honestly I can't recommend using them. It's just as easy to take your car to your local junkyard or metal scrapping place.

I only gave them a second look because they were a partner in my affiliate marketplace so I looked just as I looked at a number of others to market on my website. Out of curiosity, I plugged the stats in for my car. They came back with an offer of $75. Quite low, but it is a 2001. Next I went to the conditions tab where I give them more information about the vehicle. When I'm all done they say they can't help me. They can't buy my car. And the reason you might be asking, is because my car has over 200,000 miles on it. Nevermind, that everything on it is intact and it is driveable. Yet they can't buy a car with over 200,000 miles. Of course, they might be thinking it is squalling down the road like a freight train, sputtering, rattling and bucking back and forth as it tries to run. That isn't the case but still, I'll give them that credit.

So this got me to wondering why they wouldn't want a car with over a certain amount of mileage. One, they are probably going to get scrap prices out of it once they leave with it and scrap prices are more than $50 and even if they don't, they will part it out and most definitely will make more than $50. Even if you say it cost $100 because they have to come and pick it up. They will still get that and more back. Most people only buy parts, not too many people go to a junkyard looking for an engine because they don't know what they are going to end up with.

My point is, there is alot of usable parts on a vehicle that will sell. If you also consider that some people will need body parts as well.

I did a little reading on the internet(there are a number of complaints) about junkmycar and found one post about a guy whose Toyota Camry threw a rod and ruined the engine. He called them and they offered $890 for his Camry. And he would sign the title over and get the money a couple of weeks later in the mail. Now that sounds fishy to me and I'm just talking about the price they offered. Almost $900 for a car with the motor blown. That alone would raise a red flag. Fortunately, it did for him too.

There were other complaints from people that hadn't been paid for their vehicle and all they were getting is runaround.

I definitely would not recommend letting your automobile go without money in hand first. If you sold it to an individual that's the way it would work. If you went to a dealer that's the way it would work. So it should be no different with any other type of business. Bottom line, don't let your car leave your yard until you have the money in your hand. Then and only then can they leave with your car.

Your best best if you need to junk your car is to send it to your local junkyard. A local junkyard offered the Camry owner $150 which sounds far more reasonable.

If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is, is wisdom to live by.


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