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Reviewing Boston GTA-1105 – High Power Car Amplifier

Updated on September 6, 2013

Main Features

My Opinion on the Boston GTA-1105, High Power Car Amplifier

In the following discussion we evaluate the main and important features included within the GTA-1105 car power amplifier, and also try to understand why this amplifier is a must for all those music fanatics who are solely interested in high power music systems in their vehicles.

If you are looking for an amplifier system that would function as a multipurpose high grade amplifier unit in your car then the GTA-1105 is probably the right thing to go for. It can effectively take care of all the speakers included in your car, including the high power sub woofers.

With an awesome 70 watts of RMS power pumping capability, it can easily turn your car into a “go nuts” music compartment.

Even the highest quality components become compatible with the GTA-1105.

The sub woofers are subjected to a penalizing 400 watts of raw music, that’s perhaps more than enough bass one can handle.

Boston acoustics have enforced most of their technological innovations on their leading GT Reference series amps.

The inputs of these amps include special noise reduction or noise neutralizing circuitry which is employed for mitigating all unwanted noise entries and RFs.

The units feature variable frequency selection facility which allows the user to discretely choose what range of frequencies are to be allowed. This feature is implemented by adjusting the variable low pass, band pass and the high pass filters including the subsonic range which allows the user to optimize the amp in the best possible way.

The Main Technical Specs of the Unit may be learned from the following points:

  • Includes 5 channels for better music response and optimization across the connected speakers.
  • Is able to handle 70 watts of RMS power for four of its channels, leaving one channel which is designed for supplying 250 watts of pwer into the subs at 4 Ohms impedance.
  • The above 250 watts is bridged into another separate channel meant for applying 2 Ohm loads in order to generate massive 400 watts of bass outputs.
  • Consists of variable frequency input selection facility as explained in the above explanation.
  • Employs SST technology which enables asymmetrical balanced inputs for enhanced noise cacellation.
  • Frequency response is wide, right from 10 Hz to 50 kHz.
  • Carries preamp as well as speaker audio level inputs.


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