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Singapore Traffic

Updated on May 13, 2012

Traffic Congestion

Lately I've notice traffic in Singapore is getting from good to bad and bad to worse. Motorists are driving at high speed and have no considerations for other's who are also using the road. They are impatient and just want to get to where they are going even to the point of almost knocking down another car. Whenever there is an car accident , they also like to sit and wait in their broken down vehicle and wait for help which can be dangerous as cars are just behind them and driving at fast speed , only slowing down when realise there is a broken down vehicle in front. I just do not understand why these people value their cars more then them self without thinking about their own lives , what if a car came from behind and slam into them. You can always repair your car or buy another one but you cant purchase another life or go back to what you are before if something happen. Is never wise to stay inside your broken down vehicle or stand behind your vehicle and try to argue or negotiate with the person who knock into your vehicle from the back and if is minor , it can always be settle by driving it away from the dangerous spot to get it settle and not hold up the traffic and causing a massive jam and also risking the lives of yourself and others.

The worst drivers are the buses and taxi as they are always in a hurry and the way they drive as if they actually own the whole road and everyone has to give way to them as they are making a living on the road. When it come to them giving way to others , they will not and will bullied their way by driving closer to your vehicle or just not giving any signal and simply dash out of their respective lanes. Is totally inconsiderate and annoying and most of them are already in their retirement age yet they have to drive taxi and buses to make a living. Driving on Singapore roads now has slowly becoming quite a nuisance compare to 10 years ago. Traffic is still manageable and driving is still quite a breeze and comfortable and you could get to where you want to go in less then 30 minutes but now is like even a short distance takes about 30 minutes.

The motorbike riders are the most vulnerable as they are the ones who has the most accident records and most of them are fatal. The way they zip by at the side of the car and moving so fast in a way that sometimes other car drivers did not even notice them from the side mirror. There are so many young motorbike riders who already lost their lives on the road and yet many still have no fear when you hear them roar pass your car or try to squeeze through between cars. Just hope the government here would organise a traffic courtesy campaign to let motorists aware of such acts and danger and save lives. They use to have such campaign sometime ago and i think is time they start again to educate the public about safe driving and is better late then never to get to your destination.


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