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Road Rage Statistics - What Causes Road Rage?

Updated on October 14, 2013

The most common places where road rage statistics soar are in Portland, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, and Miami. The Rage Depression Survey shows that the most aggressive drivers are usually males who are under 19 year of age. According to the statistics, at least half of the drivers on the road have seen road rage occur. Roughly 35% of people under 25 are known to be the aggressors in road rage. One of the scariests surveys show that 2% of aggressive drivers will try to run another car off the road.

What causes road rage?

There are many causes of road rage, such as being honked at, cutting off a driver, or even tailgating someone which is all too common these days. Here is a list of things that could easily cause road rage:

  • Driving too closely to someone or known as tailgaiting

  • Obscene or inappropriate gestures

  • Yelling at another driver

  • Someone who cuts off another driver

  • Not following right-of-way rules

  • Turning the brights on at night / Blinding the driver

  • Driving too slow or too fast

These are just a few reasons why road rage occurs. It is also a spiral effect in some cases. For example, if a driver has yelled at you for something, you become angry and drive away as quickly as possible. You are angry, stressed, and just want to go home.

Road rage facts

Here are some alarming road rage facts that you should know about when it comes to aggression. About 50% of drivers will respond to aggressors with aggression also

For those that do, they will do one of the following:

  • 34% tend to honk the horn

  • 27% will start ranting and raving

  • 19% will give the finger to another driver

  • 17% flash the headlights

  • 7% get revenge by driving aggressively

  • 2% will try to run another drive off the road

More facts on road rage

  • 54% of men are the aggressors while woman make up the other 46%

  • Young drivers from 18 to 24 will drive 2x more aggressively

  • Drivers who have kids will usually respond in an aggressive manner

  • Smartphone users are much more likely to be aggressive on the road

Aggressive driving deaths

Sadly, aggressive driving is the fault for 800 deaths per year. The 40% of drivers who get into accidents are either distracted, scared, or angry from the other aggressive driver. Not surprisingly, 52% of drivers have been “disrespected” in some way, shape, or form on the road.

The Road Rage Poll

Have you ever been a victim of road rage?

See results

The angry bus driver

After watching the clip of the Angry Bus Driver on Youtube (Billy Madison) - we’ve come to the conclusion that the reason why parents with kids in the car will respond aggressively is because they are already in a bad mood? Why is this? Well, suppose their kid is crying uncontrollably or does something to really upset the parent. Since the parent is already in a bad mood, they are more likely to drive aggressively.

In reality though, most bus drivers are very safe and will go through many hours of training. Any form of driving aggression caught could leave them without a job, especially if kids are present on the bus at the time.

Billy Madison - The Angry Bus Driver Clip


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    • profile image

      Moral Man 2 years ago

      Long Island New York is one of the worst places to drive and road rage is epidemic. Selfishness, rudeness, reckless driving, degeneracy, stupidity, sociopathy, aggravation, and alienation abounds here.

      Recently I was attacked by some lowlife degenerate dirtbag hooligan cretin idiot just because I passed him a little too fast. So this raging raving idiot starts finger gesturing, gets out of his car, starts cursing, hits my car with his fist, and spits on the windows. Disgusting, despicable disgrace. This pitiful execuse for a man was acting like an immature childish prick. This dirtbag belongs in the LOWEST LEVEL OF A SEWER. Such evil scum should have been aborted at birth and the world would be a better place. Because such evil scum are allowed to exist and allowed to drive, the world is a vastly infinitely more horrible place. These horrible people are one of the reasons why I hate people and why I hate driving. Human fecal matter, human toilet describes these people. A tapeworm lining the intestine has more dignity than these people. The scourge of road rage illustrates that the Devil and evil rules the world and not a loving God.