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S13 tie rods

Updated on January 7, 2012

S13 Tie Rods

There are literally a dozen different aftermarket tie rods to chose from when it comes to upgrading the steering on your S13 240sx/silvia/200sx. On one hand, there are countless choices. On the other hand, are they all the same, or do they vary in quality and fitment/purpose? After spending far to much time trying to track down information about S13 tie rods, I've decided to write an article to help others out. Hopefully you find it helpful, and if you do... Awesome!

The OEM S13 tie rods are fairly thin compared to the s14, and are also noticeably shorter as well. The s14 rods are 14mm, where the s13 rods are only 12mm. The rods aren't so thin that they will break during competition, but there are reports of them bending after extensive motorsports use.

Tein "hardened" inner tie rods

Tein S13 hardened inner tie rods
Tein S13 hardened inner tie rods | Source

Most aftermarket tie rods available for the S13 all serve the same purpose. They are thicker and stronger. Outer rods may also be adjustable, allowing for a more precisely tuned alignment. Aside from strength, aftermarket tie rods also often allow for additional steering lock. Nissan's S chassis cars don't have the largest turning radius, but they are certainly big. By increasing steering lock, greater angles can be achieved while drifting. It would also be handy in tight parking lots, as well.

Kazama outer tie rods

Kazama outer tie rods with spherical bearings.
Kazama outer tie rods with spherical bearings. | Source

Aftermarket outer tie rods for the S13 are typically adjustable, as can be seen in the picture on the right. They may also be designed to correct the tie rod angle for cars that are lower than stock. When you lower your car excessively, the tie rods work at increasingly steep angles. By correcting this issue, the OEM steering geometry can be retained. The spherical bearings will allow for excellent feel and zero play outside of the standard range of motion.

I have compiled a list of aftermarket S13 tie rods. There are undoubtably a few that I have missed, but these are the ones that people seem to be using with success. I don't work for any of the companies listed below, I'm merely compiling this list because it would have helped me out greatly had I had access to it.

Tein inner and outter tie rods, connected with available steering angle spacers pictured as well.
Tein inner and outter tie rods, connected with available steering angle spacers pictured as well. | Source

Tein tie rods

The Tein tie rods are almost the go to rod these days. Inexpensive without being cheap, they are thicker and stronger than the stock S13 rods. They also allow for additional steering angle via spacers that can be installed on the inner rods during installation.

Average pricing seems to be about $160-$170 online. You could probably get a slightly better deal through a local shop, if there are any around you.

Kazama inner tie rods
Kazama inner tie rods | Source

Kazama inners

The Kazama inner tie rods are thicker and stronger than OEM, and have an optional pillow ball style end. They are designed to increase turning radius, while being much more resistant to bending and/or damage compared to the OEM rods.

The rods were apparently designed to fix the nagging problem of breaking and/or bending the OEM inner tie rods. The extra turning radius must just be a nice bonus.

Kazama tie rod ends
Kazama tie rod ends | Source

The Kazama ends were designed to be stronger than OEM, while offering increased steering angle as well as roll center correction on lowered vehicles. By maintaining the OEM steering geometry, you are less likely to bend or break a tie rod, especially when you have increased the allowable steering angle.

The Kazama S13 ends seem to retail in the $190-$200 range on most sites I investigated. A steep price, but worth it when you consider what they provide.

Ikeya formula inner tie rods
Ikeya formula inner tie rods | Source

Ikeya Formula inner tie rods

Ikeya Formula is known for their very high quality, very expensive suspension components. Fortinutely, their tie rods aren't all that expensive. The inners are designed to allow for additional steering angle via spacers that are included. They are thicker and stronger than stock. And if their suspension arms are any indication, these inner rods should have no problem handling whatever you throw at them.

Current pricing seems to be in the $150 area online. Good luck finding anything local unless you live in Japan!


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