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Updated on December 14, 2009

Driving a car is like driving your life. A single mistake can lead to loss of life and limb. Inattention and too much confidence was the cause of most of the road accident. It is not only your life is in danger but also those with you in the car without any defense from any harm. 

A good driver always apply defensive driving. He was attentive in every direction and intersection he passed looking ahead and behind. There was no such thing as perfect driver. There came a time he can experience a situation he don't want to happen even how cautious he was while driving.

A good driver is cautious about speed limit.  Most of the accident happened in national highway was due to over-speeding. He wanted to feel the excitement of driving very fast. In addition to it, he was very fond of overtaking other vehicle. Such is prone to serious mistake, Even a quick evasive action cannot be done when it is already too late to maneuver to safety lane.

Something must be done to avoid any accident on the road. A good driver must observe the following recommended helpful ways as his guide while driving:

It is a must to turn the lights on in the midst of the rain. The purpose is for you to be seen by other drivers. Use your headlight in a foggy environment at dawn or dusk. If other driver have a poor vision he has a better chance to see your vehicle in the road.

Using signal light is one way of alerting other drivers of your intention and action. It will be an advance notice for them to be cautious especially when leaving or driving in a curb, going to an intersection or stopping. Flashing a turn signal can avoid road accident.

Don't run your car bumper to bumper. Allow certain space to a vehicle in front of you. The closeness of the 2 cars often lead to road mishap. There is a chance that you may bump the vehicle in front of you. If you wanted to stop, use your signal otherwise you will be bump from behind while you are in the mode of stopping.

Using a four-way flashers can alert driver behind that you are slowing down or stopping in a certain lane. Use this action in time of emergency. Be sure to avoid double parking. Park the car in a safer place. It is also important that your car has supplementary air bags in addition to seat belt. Always buckle up when you are on the road.

Observe proper traffic lights. Look both ways before going. Go only when it is time to go. Don't steal a few seconds to run when it is still a red light. Be responsible. Don't gamble your life. You may have a collision when you deliberately do being a red-light runner.

When you stop at the light or stop sign, see what is coming up from your behind to avoid a chance to scoot out of the way. Don't drive if you know that you have a defective brake. Have it fix. Be sure that when your vehicle is running, the brake is in perfect condition. When you are in highway, check the vehicle behind you. There are careless driver who just zoom up if given a chance even if he is not in a proper lane.

Don't do any abrupt slowing down or sudden stop especially if there is a car in front and behind you. It is possible that you can hit the front car especially if the space is too close. Further, you maybe bump from behind if you are not careful to do what is a proper traffic rules.

If you wanted to change lane, signal and look carefully. After you see that there is an opening and no other vehicle are closing in quickly, swivel your head and see if you are safe doing any action. Don't depend mostly on seeing other vehicle in your mirrors because it is not applicable to low-slung vehicle.

If you spot a car driving at night without a headlight, the best you can do is to communicate with him by flickering your headlight on and off for him to be aware of your presence. Hand-signal is also helpful when you are in a busy intersection. It can give an awareness of the driver to a vehicle behind you of your intention.

Be a responsible driver. Always consider the safety of the passengers as their lives is in your hand including you. Use your good judgment. Never attempt to do what is not the right thing to do while driving that you might regret it later on.


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