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Updated on March 20, 2016

What is a short term car insurance?

The answer is simple – it is a lot what it sounds like. In other words, it is a type of car insurance that you can purchase for a shorter period than the traditional bi-annual policy people are accustomed to. And why is short term auto insurance important?

Well, there are many situations in which you need car insurance in addition to our regular coverage – or times when we consider it instead of the regular 6 month policy. For example, many drivers do not drive their cars over the winter days, and in times like these – short term car insurance really comes as a life-saver.

Practical, convenient and effective – these are some of the words to define short term car insurance. And besides all, this type of auto insurance lets every driver save a lot on their costs and consider a certain level of protection for the period in which he or she is planning to drive the vehicle.

Having a car insurance is not a choice. It is the law. Accidents happen nowadays, and many people get involved in collisions and other accidents with vehicles and drivers. However, most of the times there are not costly fines to be paid – which is why car insurance policies exist – and the reason they are effective.

In the end, let’s give a great example of short term car insurance.

Your car died unexpectedly, leaving you on the marketplace for a brand new car. After you make your choice, the shop dealer tells you that it will be delivered in 6 to 12 months. For this time, you have to commute to work every day… In other words, you need a car. And whether you choose a rental or to buy an used car for a decent price, you will need certain insurance for it during the short period after which you will replace it with your new car. This is where the short term insurance policy kicks in as the ultimate way of saving – while being safe on the road.


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