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Safe Driving: Car Steering and Suspension

Updated on August 17, 2011

You should have a simple knowledge of your car steering and shock absorber. That is a proper understanding of the system that could help to avoid mis-use or mis-takes that might easily affects other parts directly or indirectly. Also, it could ultimately save you some extra cost of maintenance and repair.

Video: Caring for the Steering

The Steering System

The need to control the direction of the vehicle gave birth to a steering system. What we know as the Steering is the steering wheel connected to the steering column. Both are connected by a rack and pinion to the steering arms, which are further connected to the steered Wheels of the vehicle.

Two factors could help you to determine whether the Steering is in good condition or not. They are, the incident of strong vibration of the Steering-wheel and if the steering is harder than usual.

Video: Replacing Rear Automotive Suspension

Strong vibration of steering wheel

You must always pay careful attention to your the sound coming out of your steering system. In this way, you would be able to hear or feel the vibration coming out, if any.

Strong vibrations of a steering wheel may be caused by unbalanced drive. This could be by virtue of a difference in the inclination of the wheels or by extension, a fault around the front suspension that could extend to the steering arms and Box. Also, It might just be the Tyre. Insufficient Tyre Pressure, or wide range of difference in the pressure of the front wheel tyres; is another cause of Vibration.

When the Steering is unusually hard

You should always be careful not to engage in too much play with your car steering control if you wish to prevent a possible hardening of your car steering. It is when you are sure of this that you should be considering other possibilities. Although hardening of the steering system, like vibration, could also be caused by under-inflated front tyres; direct causes could be a faulty or damaged steering box, incorrect adjustment of the characteristic angles of the wheels, or inefficient power steering.

Suspension and Shock Absorbers

The suspension helps to avoid road shock due to irregular driving surface by using elastic components between the wheels and the Chassis to improve driving and road-holding of the vehicle. The positive properties of the shock absorbers are improved by special damper units that further guarantee stability.

Vehicles tend to behave unpredictably when there is inefficient shock absorbing. Apart from impacting a direct discomfort to both the driver and passengers of a vehicle, it may result to uneven tyre tread wear and under-damped suspension movement. The negative impact are usually more felt when the vehicle is braking or moving around a bend.


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