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4 Safe Car Seats for Kids 2015

Updated on May 5, 2015
I would highly recommend that  Graco Snugride Classic Connect Infant Car Seat because it's very affordable and high quality. If you want to protect your baby, you don't need to send a ton on a car seat.
I would highly recommend that Graco Snugride Classic Connect Infant Car Seat because it's very affordable and high quality. If you want to protect your baby, you don't need to send a ton on a car seat.

An infant car seat is going to be the most important piece of equipment that you buy for your baby.

I recommend being willing to spend anywhere from $150 or so on a good quality seat that will keep your baby safe.

Infant car seats are those that fit the best for the first year or so of baby's life.

These are always made to be rear facing in the car and will carry babies up to 22 to approximately 30 pounds, and babies 29 to 32 inches tall.

You can find convertible car seats that will work for your infant, but they can often cost more, and infant car seats are made specifically to cradle smaller babies.

If you need an infant car seat but are on a budget, consider buying a travel system. A travel system is an infant seat and a stroller that are sold together usually at a discount. I always liked buying these for my babies because I was able to get two pieces of equipment in one purchase cheaper than I could buy them separately.

Safety in Car Seats

All infant car seats come with 5 point harnesses.

You might be able to find older ones that only come with 3 point harnesses but they are not as common anymore.

Check reviews and even test some out in person at local stores to see how easy it is to buckle the harness; some are easier than others.

Along the same lines, I recommend that you check how easy it is to adjust the harness as well.

It is always a wise to check the weight limit on any car seat that you are considering for purchase. If you want it to last longer, opt for one with a larger weight limit.

Does your baby car seat need an anti rebound feature?

I think the car seats that offer anti rebound features are the safest. Most car seats are designed to ride down the force of the crash by rotating downward at the top and then popping back up.

This pop up at the end could end up with your baby hitting the back of the seat in your car in a severe crash. Anti rebound bars on the bases of some car seats will minimize the popup that happens during a collision. You can also find a seat that will reduce the popup action as long as it has a deeper shell that more completely surrounds your baby.

Many infant car seats come with bases that stay in the car so you don't have to keep reinstalling it every time you switch cars. This base usually requires just a one-time installation and it is quite easy for your car seat to pop in and out of it.

You can also expect to find almost every car seat with a canopy to help shade your baby from the sun. I suggest finding one that is not attached at the head of the car seat. This way, you can easily rotate the canopy to shade your child in whatever direction is needed at the time.

The handle of each infant car seat will also determine how comfortable it is for you to carry. Many that offer an S shaped handle make it easier for carrying baby next to you while walking. This is a much more ergonomic handle than those that just go straight across.

Any other accessories that come with car seats might be convenient, but you must keep in mind that there are no Federal standards for crash testing for any kind of accessories.

Is your car seat installed properly?

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What You Should Consider When Buying a Car Seat?

I recommend measuring your car to ensure that an infant car seat will fit.

Lots of smaller compact cars have more narrow back seats and if you get an infant car seat that is too wide, it could tip back and forth.

I always suggest buying car seats on the Internet since you can often find better deals.

However, to ensure that you get the best fit car seat, I recommend going to a local store, finding a model that you are considering, and asking store personnel if they will walk out your car with you to try the model out in your car.

If you have a premature baby, make sure to find a seat with lower minimum requirements. Some car seats offer a weight limit of 4 to 5 pounds at the lowest end. The harness needs to be below his shoulder level while he's rear facing; that will help you determine if you're getting the best fit for premature baby.

Where to go to know how to properly install a car seat?

Even veteran parents that think they know exactly how to install a car seat correctly could benefit from having their installation techniques inspected. Check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find an inspection station in your area.

4 Budget and Safe Car Seats for Kids and Infants 2015

1. Graco Snugride

For such an affordable car seat, this Graco Snugride Classic Connect Infant Car Seat has a very deep base. It will hold babies from 5-22 pounds and up to 29 inches long. It comes with a base to keep installed in your car as well.

5 stars for Graco Snugride Classic Connect Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide 30

You might like this Graco SnugRide 30 Infant Car Seat that comes in a few different colors. I like the base on this one since it is easier to install and adjust recline.

Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 Car Seat

This Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 Car Seat is one of the most convenient that I’ve tried with a one-step attachment to any Click Connect strollers. It also features a dial for easier base adjustments.

4. Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

If you want a seat from a reputable and high quality manufacturer, check out this Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat that features a tangle free harness system and two different buckle positions for a growing child - that is my favorite feature in this one.

You might also like this Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat in red as well. It has all the same features of the other we discussed and is compatible with all Britax B Series strollers.

© 2013 Lexi Belliston

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