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Safety first, style later

Updated on December 25, 2016

Safety first, style later

When you know you might drive to death - would you like to drive on a road on a bike or two-wheeler without wearing a helmet? While driving one should follow the safety precautions or else your loved ones or family will be left alone.

The number of two-wheeler on big city roads increase every day and with its number of riders without helmets also goes up. Despite traffic rules making it mandatory for riders to wear helmets, every year, hundreds die on the city roads as they fail to grasp the importance of wearing a helmet.

To begin with road safety awareness, it is essential to go through the safety rules and acquire as much as information you need to drive safely and live a better life. Be cautious, life is precious as when you have an accident who cries the most? – It is your family and loved ones and nobody else.

Do not use your head, wear the right helmet while driving on a road or dropping your kid off at school and also make sure your kid has the one too. Even if you are making a quick trip to the grocery shop on a scooter or bike, grab a helmet and if you have a pillion rider he or she should also use a helmet. Wearing the helmet while riding a two wheeler needs to come as naturally as wearing clothes or shoes before stepping out from your home. It reduces the severity of injuries by 70 percent and brings down fatality by almost 40 percent. In every country or place, most of the people die in two-wheeler road accident due to lack of precautions about road safety, wearing no helmet.

The head, neck and the spinal cord is the most vulnerable parts of the body during an accident as usually by the time the victims are brought to the hospitals they are either declared brought dead or have sustained such severe injuries that the chances of their survival and normal life is almost zero. Pillion riders are equally vulnerable during such road accidents.

The brain being of soft nerves and smaller than the skull in size is surrounded by a layer of blood and spinal fluid is most delicate part of a human body. Thus, out of an accident, a jolt to the head results in the brain moving inside the skull that may lead to multiple injuries.

A good quality of helmet may act as a barrier for the head and shields brain of any impact of a jolt. Skull fractures and injuries are the chief causes of death in road accident cases involving riders without helmets. But for those who survive a brain injury, life is much harder for them as the injuries to the brain may affect several body functions.

Wearing a helmet is, therefore, important. But having a right helmet is equally important because in several cases people driving a two wheeler are injured despite wearing a helmet.

Guide to find a right Helmet

1. While trying on a helmet, make sure it sits squarely on your head.
2. Use a full face helmet.
3. Buy a helmet with a clear visor.
4. Buy one with a sturdy strap and buckle.
5. Choose a bright shade as these are easy to spot on the roads

How a good quality helmet protects your Head?

1. A good quality helmet acts as a barrier among the skull and the object hitting it.

2. The paddling provides a cushioning affect that absorbs the impact of a crash and reduces the severity of the injury.

3. Buy a Helmet with a clear visor for better visibility. Also ensure it has a solid comfort paddling at the back to protect the lower portion of your head.

4. Wearing a Helmet may not be useful if it is not secured safely with a strap.
5. Choose a bright shade, as these are easy to `spot on the road.


People have a myth that wearing a Helmet means giving pain to your neck or back. It is also a myth that helmet block ability to see clearly or hear danger. Young guys believe that helmet causes hair fall and in their opinion a skilled rider can handle any situation, thus they do not feel the importance of wearing a helmet.


But the reality is different. Pain in the neck and back occurs from prolonged riding. Doctors attribute the pain due to jerks sustained by an individual on the spinal cords while riding on uneven roads.

In fact a helmet protects the eye and cut down the wind noise so you can actually see and hear better. No matter how skilled you are, it’s always safe to ride with a Helmet on a two-wheeler or a Bike.

People also have a tendency of not wearing a helmet for short distances, but accidents can occur anywhere irrespective of the fact the distance is either short or long. Even we have witnessed cases where accidents in residential localities owing to people not wearing the helmets while riding or driving a two-wheeler have led to instant death. Head injuries in these cases often cause deaths or severe brain damage before medical aid reaches them.

The practice of not wearing a helmet is imbibed by children at a young age. They learn from what they see in their families. Despite many such accidents which were unavoidable, perhaps we never taught our kids a culture of road safety on them.

It is also not a denying fact that most of the women nowadays do not prefer to wear helmet as a pillion rider or when they themselves are driving a scooter or a bike giving excuses ranging from beauty to religious reasons. The skull of a woman is no different that of a man and they may also experience equal or more damage to their skull when unfortunately met with a road accident.

Other reasons of two-wheeler accidents

  1. Mostly hit and injured due to wrong side overtaking
  2. Speeding and weaving in and out of traffic.
  3. Not following traffic rules, jumping signals as if it is their birth right
  4. For shortcuts where a central divider obstructs them, they are
    not seen hesitant in driving in the wrong direction or into no entry areas.

All of us need to know that we should always wear a helmet when riding a two-wheeler as we never know when it might save us from an accident. Helmet should not be worn only when cops are watching or to get way from being booked for violation of traffic rules. But an awareness drive and monetary deterrence need to work together to make people to understand the importance of wearing a helmet and abiding the traffic rules is more authentic.

The more innovative drive if used, the more youngsters will be encouraged to wear helmets. However, we cannot always use force and punishment to the traffic violators for not wearing a helmet.


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