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Save Gas Money By Riding A Scooter

Updated on May 16, 2011

Ride A Scooter

With gas today reaching almost $5 per gallon, many people are questioning themselves on where   and how much they want to drive. People are making quick trips to the grocery store or the pharmacy last much longer than needed because they are walking. Even though walking is good exercise for all of us, riding a scooter makes for a great option in getting around town in a more efficient manner.

Motor scooters are an easy and fun solution to help people from stop wasting so much valuable gas and money while taking small trips around town. A scooter these days only holds about 2 gallons, but each gallon you put into your motor scooter you are getting about 70-100 mpg out of it. This meaning that just those 2 gallons can get you about 200 miles! If you compare this to a normal car or SUV that only gets about 25 miles to the gallon you would have to use about 8 gallons to get that far. That adds up to a significant amount in gas money you could have been saving.

There are many different types of scooters that people are able to purchase so that they can find the one that fits them best. Models such as the kids quad, 2 wheel scooters and 3 wheels scooters are just some of the most popular. In order to drive a motor scooter, all you need is a valid drivers license. Once you purchase your scooter the last step in order to get going is taking your receipt and title to the Secretary of State and purchasing a $15, 3 year registration sticker. After this you are ready to go!

When purchasing a motor scooter you will usually see them with a price tag that ranges from $799 - $999. But in the end, it’s all worth it with the amount of money you will save compared to driving a normal vehicle. Even though these motor scooters are now allowed on the freeway, they get up to 30 - 45 mph and make any ride around town a leisurely one.


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