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Say "NO" To Driving A Car. Here Are The Best Alternatives

Updated on October 25, 2012

No, I'm not going to talk to you about ecology. I do care about the nature but I know how boring it is when people start talking about how your way of living is bad for ecology. Come on, if we have to sacrifice our lifestyle, we could go back in the caves as well.

No, I'll talk about money. Driving a car is one of the worst things you are doing to your budget. If you think your car is an asset, you are very very wrong. Unless you are a taxi driver. Your car is huge liability. Here is why:

First, the fuel costs. Use this calculator to figure out how much a trip in the country is going to cost you with the current fuel prices. And that's not all, not at all.

How much does your car cost? $20k? How much do you use it? Perhaps 10 thousand miles per year at best. So for its life of about 10 years your car will serve you for 100 thousand miles. Which means you should add 20 cents per mile for the cost of the car itself. 20 cents each and every mile!

Then add the repair. Each year there is something to repair or something to pay to support the car. Motor oil. Winter tires. Antifreeze. Brake fluid...

And then add the taxes, the price of your driver license, the fines you have to pay...

Your car is a treasure you know. But it's the treasure that you have paid twice for.

So, what can you do?

Use The Taxi

Depending on where you live and how much you drive, using a taxi can cost you less than driving your own car. And they said taxis were expensive!

Obviously the less often you need to drive, the higher your cost per mile is and the more beneficial is to use a taxi.

But even if we assume that both costs are nearly equal, using a taxi is better. Your hands and eyes are free during the travel - you can work and make money in that time, or you can read the news or a book, you can sleep , or you can simply watch out of the window and have rest. This is so much better than getting nervous in the traffic.

Use Public Transportation

Yes, I know it's less comfortable but it's often faster, especially if there is a metro line on your route. And again, you can just take rest while travelling instead of "working", being the driver.

And it's cheaper especially compared to driving your car alone. It can be 2-5 times cheaper than using the car.

Ride a Motorcycle

Commodity motorcycles cost 10 times less than a car. Operational costs and taxes are lower, parking fees are lower, fuel consumption is 2-4 times lower.

Riding a motorcycle is fun and cool, and costs in general 3-4 times less than driving a car. It's hard to beat that, isn't it?

Ride a Bicycle

If you want to take saving to the extreme, riding a bicycle is the way to go. It costs nearly nothing - a basic bicycle can be bought for $250 and there are practically no ongoing costs. And no fuel costs too.

On top on that, riding a bicycle is fun and good for your body.


If you definitely prefer the comfort of the car, think about carpooling. Sharing your can with 1 or 2 more persons can save a lot on fuel costs. And if you turn sharing into long term relationship, your fellows can share some of the operational costs too.

And you'll still own your car if you want that so much.


Let's not forget we have legs. Do you really need to drive for 2 miles distance? It's called walking distance, my friend, exactly because you are supposed to walk, and not drive.

And walking is free - you need nothing but shoes. Although I'm pretty sure you are driving your car with shoes too. So compared to driving a car walking is billion times cheaper.

Can you beat that?


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    • paypalku profile image

      paypalku 6 years ago from Yogyakarta

      Great hubs, especially in a time that is full of pollution it is today. The ideas presented can help the movement to go green to protect the earth.

    • profile image

      John Orton 6 years ago

      Well this is really nice. Am 23 now but i don't know why still am scared while driving car.So i usually use my bike, public transport or if distance is short i like to walk on foot :)

    • profile image

      voyo 6 years ago

      @Mindstrix, sell the car, don't let it lie around

    • Mindstrix profile image

      Mindstrix 6 years ago from Nigeria

      I couldn't stop reading, especially the one about bike and motorbike. I'm saving up to get one, but I wonder how that will affect my car lying around. won't it develop problems. I think the healthy part about bicycle overshadows the state of my car. I'm buying 5 track suits and shoes. It's gonna be my new lifestyle. Thanks

    • annmackiemiller profile image

      annmackiemiller 6 years ago from Bingley Yorkshire England

      great hub - great ideas especially given today's money worries

    • GinnyGyakukouka profile image

      GinnyGyakukouka 6 years ago

      Yeah! I walk or even run everywhere as much as I can, and my patience has increased a lot for it. I take the bus when I have to get somewhere faster, or the weather is bad, etc. but I actually prefer going alone (running). Eventually I should get a bicycle, like I want to. Even farther down the road, I would love to get me some kind of motorcycle, they are awesome! I should start a movement of more female motorcyclists to minimize the jokes I'll inspire.

    • smackins1974 profile image

      smackins1974 6 years ago from UK

      I too am in the process of putting car up for sale as public transport is now cheaper than just the petrol costs (without added cost of Tax, MOT, Insurance etc) as the person above said it takes a bit more planning and longer journey times but I spend the time interacting with my daughter (18mnths) rather than just having her strapped in a car seat behind me while I drive. I have friends who drive their children to schools only a short distance away instead of walking even if I kept the car I wouldn't do that I walked to school and so will my daughter!!

      Great Hub, Voted up


    • bethtastic profile image

      bethtastic 6 years ago from Manchester

      I had to give my driving license up in October due to epileptic seizures and so I'm off the road for '12 months seizure free' until I can get my license back.

      After driving for 14 years since I passed when I was 17 it was a huge shock to the system to not be able to just jump in my car and get from A to B.

      But only 5 months later I've adapted. Not being able to drive due to medical reasons entitles me to a free bus pass and disabled rail card which (although having to plan my journeys more and allow more travel time) is much cheaper and less stressful than driving.

      I don't think I'll bother getting another car which i never thought I'd say only 6 months ago! :o)

    • profile image

      Fred Paul 6 years ago

      APD took my DL and car on July 4, 2010 and it is the best thing that could have happened. Funny, that it was Independence Day. Now, I walk or ride my bike everywhere and when I have to go a distance, I can take the bus. And, like you said, no gas and no maintenance but also no insurance and no liabilities that might occur should you be involved in an accident. Amen

    • profile image

      Nina 6 years ago

      It's a nice hub, I like it, so interesting.

      Walking is really free and useful as well.

    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 6 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Good comments & suggestions.