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Scion xB: The Awesome Boxy Car

Updated on April 26, 2009

Scion xB High-Speed Chase

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Scion xB: The Awesome Boxy Car

People either love them or hate them. I LOVE them. Nothing else is like them that I see on the streets and highways of Texas. Obviously, they were designed for young people looking to stand out and make a point. It works. However, I have seen more than a few grandparents driving them to Albertsons and Tuesday Mornings. They are not fast, but that’s ok, I can’t afford speeding tickets. They have about 100 horsepower, so that’s a little ridiculous… ly small. The single gauge houses the Speedometer, RPMs, mile and fuel gauges. It’s basically a box with four doors and half an engine. But hey! It’s a cool lookin’ box with four doors and half an engine! There are infinite custom options for drivers to add on as they please.

The older models, made from 2004 – 2006, are the super-boxy ones and minimal horsepower. They have dozens of clubs to join and plenty of funny bumper stickers for you and your xb. My favorite bumper sticker has an outline of the car, and underneath it says “I love my toaster”. Good stuff right there. There are also shirts and hats that say “Rock the Box”.

You never see two Scions that are the same, that’s for sure! They come in silver, black, white, blue, red, green, yellow, gunmetal, and more! I’ve seen a custom bright orange one before too! I have also seen a silver one around town dozens of times that has pink all around the bottom if the car.

One Good Friday this year, a woman in California very early in the morning was running from the California Highway Patrol at speeds reaching 130 MPH! I had no idea these could go that fast! Plus, it was an older model, 2004 – 2006, and those are even slower than the new ones! This chase started as a domestic violence call to the police department. The lady tried to escape the police and tried running over an officer. Later on in the chase, she turns around, stops, gets out of the car, and even does doughnuts in the median in the middle if the highway! I watched almost the whole thing, and enjoyed it.



Wow this is waaaay too many pictures... Sorry


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      6inchboot 8 years ago

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      dj 8 years ago


    • parkerk393 profile image

      parkerk393 9 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      Thanks, John. I like both models a lot!

    • johnb0127 profile image

      johnb0127 9 years ago from TX

      Great hub! I like the older, more boxy Scions better than the newer, less boxier ones. Overall, cool, interesting hub, good photos, and NICE POLL!!! LOL



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