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Scooters for driving in the city - Pros and Cons

Updated on July 2, 2012
Burgman 400 Concept
Burgman 400 Concept | Source

On the beginning of September 2009 in Portugal, the government approved a Law that states that eveyone who has a drivers licence can drive a Scooter till 125cc with maximum 11Kw.

The major change that we can see till now (I know that it's still early but...) is that the 125cc scooters stock has runned out! The motorcycle dealers selled more bikes on a day then in the past 5 years...

So at least this sector of the economy has seen some changes... Also, people are saying that the driver's schools will also have a boost on their business because people will want to have the drivers licence for the "bigger" bikes, after they try the 125cc and its benefits.

So, what do I think are the pros and cons of this law?

Benefits of Driving Bikes

So, what are really the benefits of driving bikes? Why are 125cc sells rising so fast? Did everyone saw "the light" with this new approved law?

As a biker for more than 12 years, and a bike lover since a child, I hope so!!! And i just don't know why just now...

  • Avoiding traffic
  • Saving on Gas
  • Reducing "traffic stress"
  • Saving time
  • Releasing traffic from cities

These are just the simpler benefits I can find, and are pretty straightforward.

The Cons of this measure

It's hard to find a perfect measure, a perfert law, you can always see some things that will probably became a problem... And this, of course, it's not an exception.

I can see at least these problems:

  • Most people who drive cars don't know how to drive bikes
  • Bikes require a lot more attention while driving than cars
  • I'll bet that bike accidents will rise...

And you, what do you think of all of this? Does this happens also in your country?

What do you think?

Allowing car drivers to drive 125cc scooters is:

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