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Sea Foam Motor Treatment - Personal Product Testimony

Updated on September 14, 2011
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Disclaimer: No endorsement or compensation was given for reviewing this product.

There are automobiles on the road that are well above 10 years and/or 100,000 miles.Thanks to the troubled economy, buying a new car isn’t always a viable choice for the average and hard-working person.Unless your current car was owned by you, or someone in the family, chances are you’re unaware of how the prior owner(s) treated your second-hand vehicle. While a used car is affordable, and free of a bank lien in most cases, you still get what you pay for.While hoping nothing majorly wrong happens to the engine, or transmission, used cars can’t guarantee immunity from mechanical failure.

I drive a 1997 Saturn SC1 with over 200,000 miles purchased from a private seller for a few hundred dollars at Kelly Blue Book value.Living in a big metropolitan city with life consisting of work, school, and aging parents that need to be transported to and from their endeavors, driving is necessary and public transportation is just tedious and consuming of extra time.Having owned it for a year now after buying it in 2010, I have kept up with most of the required maintenance.Until one morning a couple of weeks ago, it decided to sputter and hesitate with stalling as an end result when starting it and being idle at stops.Not to mention, I had to keep my foot on the gas pedal until the car responded and increased speed only to feel it dart forward after.After much reading about a cheap way to cure this problem, I bumped into a couple of forums where the posters assisted others with car issues similar to mine by recommending that the drivers try using an additive called Sea Foam Motor Treatment.Word had it that mechanics swear by it.So, I gave it a chance.

After ruling out the items that could’ve been the cause of the stalling and sputtering of my Saturn, I bought a can of Sea Foam.So, yes, I had new spark plugs installed and a new air filter.After reading the instructions, I proceeded to add the can contents into the fuel line via the gas tank slowly while the engine was running.Once the can was emptied, I turned the engine off as specified for 5 minutes.Having given the additive time to do its job, I fired the Saturn again and went on my merry way.It was incredible how soon this stuff worked.I made it all the way home from the store without the car hesitating or being on the verge of shutting off on me while stopped on traffic.In fact, the acceleration was more responsible than before.Of course, the use of this stuff doesn’t mean that my car will no longer have problems, but it was a great temporary relief nonetheless.I will have my car checked for PCV valve problems and/or a possible change of the fuel filter.All in all, this product was everything it said to be and more.

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