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Segway modern electrical method of travel by standing

Updated on May 13, 2012

Segway is a modern personal transportation vehicle or device which is two wheeled and has self balancing capability. It was invented by Dean Kamen. The name segway came as it is produced industrially by Segway Inc. This self balancing capability is achieved using gyroscopic sensors and a processing computer. Its motion if fully powered by electric motors and it can achieve a maximum speed of 20 km/hr.

After its invention it has gone much more. During the initial days there were some complaints saying travellers fall from it due to unexpected reverse motion of segway due to some software error. Later company provided some software fixes rectifying the problem. Now it is used in lot of working environments and airports. For example you can see segway in all google campuses.

Components of Segway

The major components of a segway are two electric motors powered by Lithium Ion battery, sensors, computers or microprocessors and the software system. The gyroscopic sensors used in segway are not conventional gyroscopic sensors with spinning wheel inside stable frame. But the gyroscopic sensor in segway is a solid state sensor using coriolis effect to measur orientation of the vehicle. The electric motors are of two horse power and they can be run separately at varialble speeds allowing segway to turn according to microprocessor instructions. The computer sytem or microprocessors contains nearly 10 microprocessors as a two circuit board assembly making it capable of running even in the malfunction of one of the circuit borards. The batteries need to be charged for nearly 6 hours for one full battery travel of 15 Km. Segway has a two stage transmission system making only very small noise. It also have a LCD monitor for monitoring vehicle status and battery status. The key of segway contians an encrypted code which is specific to each segway. It have to be plugged in the port to start the vehicle.


Segway is not a high speed device. Its maximum speed is only 20 Km/hr. It is very easy to operate this device. Just step on to the device. For moving the vehicle forward, you just lean forward standing on the platform. The sensor system in segway measures the inbalance in the system and to balance the vehicle it rotates the wheels forward. The more speed you want, you have to lean more forward. But you can be sure that you will not fall down due to the self balancing mechanism of segway. Similarlly for moving the vehichle backwards also you just need to lean backward. The sensors in segway will measure the inbalnce and will move backwards. To stop the vehicle from motion or to brake you just need to stand upright. That is for moving the vechile only you need to lean froward or backward according to the direction you want. When you comes back to the upright postion the vehicle stops moving. Simple and easy to control operation in case of moving the vehicle.

Now turning the device is also simple enough. For turning the device left or right you only need to turn the handle left or right as you will do in case of bicycle. It is also very simple as this instinct is there in every human being even if you do not know how to ride a bicycle.

Different Models of Segway

Differnt segway models available for individuals are Segway i2, segway x2, segway i2 commuter, i2 cargo, x2 adventure, x2 golf, x2 turf etc.

To get updated details and pictures of each model of segway use segway site.


During the announcement of segway the inventor had claimed that segway will replace cars in one day. But today all of us know even with its best features it cannot become a replacement for cars, but it can be used in a lot of ways for small distance travels. Most of this device utilities is yet to be figured out. But surely it will be an unavoidable mode of transport that everybody is going to use in future. Still there are people who do not know what is a segway. Another hindering fact that prevents people from buying it is its cost. Even the cheapest segway will cost more than 5000 dolllers. In 2010 Segway started distribution of segway in India with the cheapest version in 3lakh range which is more than indian low end cars. So in India segway inc has the decrease the price to get some considerable sale.

Anyway this green perosnal transportation device is a method of travel for future which is going to get increasing popularity


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