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Selecting Classic Auto Insurance Companies with Remarkable Results

Updated on November 11, 2015

A classic auto insurance policy is used to protect antique automobiles from damage, vandalism and theft. Other types of coverage may include accidental vehicle damage, fire, and windshield damage as well accident benefits and medical expenses. Some even include other benefits such as club membership.


Search Online

When it comes to selecting classic car insurance companies, it can be helpful to search for them online.

The internet can quickly provide tons of classic auto information in a matter of seconds.

Check the Guidlines

While you’re searching for a good policy for your antique auto, you should remember that insurance companies have various guidelines that will define a vehicle as an old car or classic car.

How to Determine If Your Car Is Old Enough

Many classic auto insurance companies consider vehicles to be antique when the vehicle is about 15 to 20 years old. There are special insurance dealers online who offer special auto policy rates and quotes.

Getting a special rate may require that the vehicle be at least over 10 years old and a standard type model. The annual mileage should not be over 5000 miles on a vehicle that is reflected as a classic or antique auto.

Look for Experienced Corporations

As you search for the top classic car insurance companies, you should look for corporations with years of experience and a good standing. Whether you own classic corvette, a muscle car, hot rod or a classic Z-28, you want to insure your policy covers your car and you obtain every penny for your car’s value.

Filling Out an Online Classic Car Application

To find the best classic auto insurance quote for a particular classic vehicle, you should fill out an online classic car insurance application. Make sure that the application is filled out completely with such information as the make, model and value of your car. Read each section carefully and ensure that you understand each section of the online application form.

Check for Adequate Coverage

Before you submit your classic auto insurance application to a company, you should find out if there is enough available and adequate coverage for your vehicle through the insurance company’s specialized policy quotes.


Check for Restrictions and Limitations

An antique auto may be a vintage auto, sports vehicle, Split-Window coupe, fastback or other type of classic auto. If you use your antique auto for daily driving such as driving to work each day, this could prevent you from getting the best coverage for your vehicle. Just like regular car insurance companies such as progressive auto insurance,you can find good rates based on the amount of miles driven. It is always a good idea to check into the company’s restrictions and limitations.

Safest Types of Coverage for Your Classic Car

There are several types of coverage you can obtain from a classic car insurance company such as roadside assistance and legal coverage and protection. Such protection covers out of pocket vehicle repair expenses, personal injury, medical expenses, and damages to personal effects. Vehicle replacement while your car is being repaired is also covered by legal auto protection coverage.


Selecting the best classic auto insurance company is not very complicated, especially if you know your vehicle’s value. You have probably worked hard to keep your antique auto in the best shape possible. You never know when disaster can strike, so why not be prepared with the best possible coverage for your classic car that you’re so proud to own.



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