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Shelby Car Maker

Updated on May 15, 2013

The Great Man and Machines

Carroll Shelby is a car maker Born in 1923 and is well known for his accomplishments after the war and his racing career building and modifying cars. Shelby has driven a number of different cars during his racing career including driving for Aston Martin , cad-allard , Masarati Amongst others. He has set 16 international speed records during his life time so you can tell he knows a thing or two about speed and his cars are not different.


1959 Shelby won the grueling race of Le Mans 24hr with Roy Salvadori on the wheel which was an accomplishment that he is always proud of and glad that he achieved. Shelby in the same years went on to compete in Formula 1 were he was very competent but did not have much success due to health problems.

Due to health problems Shelby retired from performance racing and opened a driving school and the Shelby American Group which is know the performance modification and car manufacturing company known today.
Having set his eyes on selling cars he wanted to get hold of a chassis instead of building it from scratch. He then obtained a licence from AC motors in Britain to sell their cars modified and the AC Cobra as known now was created.

Shelby from then till now has worked with different companies and has made cars from Ford Mustang, Dodge including the infamous Shelby Viper and cars from AC as well. Sometimes there would be special one-off projects that Shelby would do.

Shelby himself was elected in to the International Motorsport's Hall of Fame in a year full of turmoil after receive a new heart earlier in 1991. In 1992 he was the put into the American Motorsport Hall of Fame which was long awaited for Shelby as many people thought he had long deserved it.

Shelby's cars are famous around the world however the most famous has to be the GT500 Shelby which featured in both Gone In Sixty Seconds movies. The car nicknamed Eleanor became an instant hit and was featured in what was to be decided to be one of the greatest car chases of all time.

Even at his late age Shelby still gets into his cars to make sure that the same soul that was in the cars of old is still there. Shelby as said before is no stranger to speed, even in high school he used to hone his driving skills in his van. Also in his early years Shelby was also drag racing , his first race being a drag race in a hot rod with a for flat head engine which he won.
Shelby is only known to put his name on the meanest and fastest cars out there and even though he has produced thousands of cars most of the manually modified and custom tailored to the order they have all been fast. Nowadays the bond between Ford and Shelby has been renewed and in 2010 a concept car of the GT500 Shelby was shown with some new improvements and a new name the GTS.

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