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Should Classic cars be driven at excessive speeds, when they're most beautiful

Updated on March 2, 2014

I saw the original Monte Carlo completely destroyed on the side of the highway today. I questioned whether or not the occupants survived. Lets bring to life the question of safety, I think I would rather fall off a motorcycle with leathers on than be in a car that crushes like a decomposed bag of chips. Am I right or what?

In racing, as well as sport cars in the past 20 years the industry has evolved. An extensive, deliberate and marvelous knowledge base has created an infrastructure which is function over form. The automotive industry has rarely build vehicles that serve one of the F’s and disregards this other. Accepting that, these cars are purpose built to keep the occupants safe while serving the basic need of men which is speed and push the limit of the critical thinking part of our Psyche. In recent years we see the car but we can never know what was going on in the Engineer/s mind when he designed it. For the most part we see both F’s in the exotics as we move with a new generation of Tech savy teenagers. Generic is the best word for the exotics because although they differ in small lines of the body the engineers are constantly striving for perfection.

Mid Engine/ Rear Wheel drive/ 2 Seater

So In these time what becomes most important if there was no Oil crisis?

What should the engineers focus on if you were the new C.E.O. of any company? Would you fire them and hire a young Van Gogh or maybe let the computers do all the Body Panels?


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