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Why Have Car Rental Insurance

Updated on February 4, 2012

Rental Car Insurance, Why to Make sure it is Part of Your Coverage

You are driving down the road and all of a sudden, you see a car coming at you head on. There is no room to get over, you swerve and end up being broadsided. Once the initial shock wears off and assuming no one was injured, your head is going to fill with a thousand different thoughts about what just happened. Perhaps the first thing you will think of is, how did this happen? Whose fault is it? However, there is one thing that many people forget about, which is how am I going to get home? This is where your rental car coverage will come into play.

Car Rental Insurance

Whenever you are involved in an accident, chances are there is going to be a period of time where you will not have your car. This being said, you will need to figure out how you are going to get to and from work and to all of the other places that you need to be. Calling on friends and family can get inconvenient really quickly. Depending on how long your car is going to be in the shop, it is likely that you will need to have a rental car. Rental cars are the most convenient sources of transportation when your car is out of commission. However, paying for a rental car can become quite costly, especially if you are going to have to pay for the repairs to your car as well.

Pros of Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage

It is not uncommon for a driver to discover to late that their insurance policy does not have rental car coverage. When the average time it takes to repair a vehicle is two weeks or more, being without your vehicle for that long can be a pain. When you have rental car coverage, you will be able to rent a car and not suffer from the inconvenience of not having your vehicle. Rental car insurance will pay for you to have a car during the time that your car is being repaired. Considering the cost of renting a car for over 2 weeks could be over $500, this is a great addition to any insurance policy.

Another benefit of rental car insurance is that if the accident is not your fault, you do not have to wait for the insurance to sort it out and send you a reimbursement check. Your rental car coverage will immediately pick up the expenses associated with the cost of renting a car.

Who Benefits From Car Rental Insurance?

Whenever you are involved in an accident, there is a chance your car will be out of commission for a long time. The cost of renting a car for as long as it takes to repair your car can become quite costly. Essentially, the major beneficiary of rental car insurance is the insured. It allows the insurance policy holder to relax in knowing that even if they are left without car for a long time, they will still have the benefit of driving a rental car and not causing anyone any inconvenience. Individuals who have an extended warranty on their vehicle may believe that this type of coverage is redundant and unnecessary, but it is really an affordable way to make sure that you always have a car.

What Rental Car Reimbursement Insurance Does Not Cover

Rental insurance will only cover the expense of a rental car if you are involved in an accident. This means that you cannot call upon your policy any time your car breaks down. In addition, it is important to note that if you are renting a car for a vacation or other event, rental car reimbursement coverage is not the same as the insurance that can be purchased through the rental car company. Rental car companies offer insurance for drivers of their vehicles that will cover the particular rental car they are driving. The rental car insurance from your insurance provider is strictly to pay the cost of renting the car.

The cost of car rental reimbursement coverage is relatively inexpensive, with policies costing only one to two dollars a month. When considering your next car insurance policy, you should consider adding this type of policy to your coverage.


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