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Simple things can Lengthen the Age of Your car

Updated on November 10, 2009

Take Care of your Car

Take Care of your Car
Take Care of your Car

Lengthen your car age

Although there are more and more car sold globally, not everyone understands how to properly care for their vehicles. There are some basic things that must be considered in order to keep the car maintained.

Tips below will help you about what you can do to lengthen the age of your car.

Simple Tips for Lengthen the age of Car

When Turn the machine on
Do not get too excited to push the gas pedal when the engine firstly turn-on. If you done this carelessly, it  will cause a bad impact on vehicle. This is because the oil stain has not completely distributed in the machine when the machine is turned on. This will cause a sudden friction when oil has not been distributed completely. It can make a short machine age.

Change your engine belt every 25 thousand miles. Make sure the belt is also in good condition. It is also important to check the oil level and engine fluids. Each engine is different where the engine fluids. You can find where the location of the engine fluids and oil in the manual.

Turn off all vehicle electrical components before you turn off the engine.
Probably, because too tired to work all day and drove your own vehicle long way, often times you directly turn off the vehicle when got home. This habit is of course cause negative effect on vehicle.
On Basic principle, all electrical components must be turned off before switching off the engine
If not, there will be to much load of electricity  when you starting again the engine.

Car Battery
Check your car battery condition every three months.

The Gear
Use every gear in accordance with the spin machine. Each number is in gear stick has its own speed or ability. Each round of rate limited to a maximum speed rotation. Use of gear that do not comply with the rpm will result in short of age.

Do not turn the steering wheel when the car stopped. It can damage the steering system.
Worse, the power steering will quickly broken down. So, do not hurry.. turn steering wheel when the car in a running state.

It seem that sometimes people don't realize that they always put their feet above the clutch pedal. This habit had a negative impact on the clutch, the plates will be eroded.

Gas Pedal
For some reason, there some driver who push gas pedal to often when they also press the clutch. Clouch is a major support tool in car and determine the comfort of driving. This is bad habits and wasting fuel also can damage the engine.

Do not forget to use the engine braking effect (engine brake) when perform braking. This good habits can also save the brakes canvass.

Do not rush to functioning wipers. First, spray the water in the tube before you use the wiper. This is to avoid damage to the  front window glass and the wiper itself because there are dust snicked in the window.

Do not rush to functioning wipers. First, spray the water in the tube before you use the wiper. This is to avoid damage to the  front window glass and the wiper itself because there are dust sticked in the window.

The tyre
The easiest way, simple and easy to lengthen tires age is to keep the tire pressure according to the standard. The sandard pressure can be found from the owner's manual or the sticker put on driver's door. Examination performed on all wheels, including spare tire. At least once a month or before a long trip. Check also tires surfaces, it still in good condition or not. You must replace with the new one if it is already not in good condition. This is also for your own safety.

That is it, It just simple Tips for Lengthen the age of your Car, maybe helpfull for you.


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