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Smoked Headlight and Taillights - How to Measure and Install a Tint Wrap

Updated on July 6, 2012

How to Measure your Primary and Secondary Lighting

You will need the following supplies:
• A cord or tailor's tape (you can find these at any fabric store)
• A permanent marker to mark the cord
• Tape to hold the cord or tailor's tape in position

First find the points which are representative of the greatest width and height. Record or keep the end of the string at one end and unwind it until you arrive at the other end. You may actually end up determining both the width and depth of the lamp but, because you are going to be using a two-dimensional piece you can consider as a single plane. This technique should be used on all lights to be wrapped.

*Be sure to add an extra two inches to each side in order to provide an area which can be handled and trimmed away after installation. Failure to do so can result in poor adhesive and bubbling after the job has been completed.

Smoked Headlight Examples


Headlight Wrapping - Smoking Out Your Headamps

When smoking out your front side lighting you should always be sure to keep visibility and safety to the fore. We recommend the use of headlight film only on vehicles to be used for show purposes; smoked out headlights are not intended for use on public roads.

For the most part, most heasdlights will need at least 24 by 24-inches of vinyl per light to be able to be fully wrapped. Therefore, if you want to buy one piece of film for the pair you would need to buy a 48-inch piece.

Blue Smoke Headlight Tint Installed on a Mazda3

Smoked Tail Light Cover Images

Chrysler Crossfire with Rtint Blackout Static Cling
Chrysler Crossfire with Rtint Blackout Static Cling | Source
Lexus IS00 2001 with Red-out
Lexus IS00 2001 with Red-out

Taillight Wrapping - Smoked Tail Light Covers

The same issues use for taillight tinting as for those above. The taillight assemblies can vary amazingly in style, size and shape but it is almost certain that you will need at least 24-square inches wide per light for adequate coverage. In general we recommend selecting an additional 12" when measure for taillights as there are often trunk and reflector sections not found with headlights.

How Much Tint Do You Need?

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Static Cling vs Self-adhesive Film

Do you prefer static-cling head and taillight wrap or self-adhesive film?

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