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Where would we be without Airplanes?

Updated on January 11, 2012

The Wright Brothers

The innovative brothers pictured here would chance the world forever
The innovative brothers pictured here would chance the world forever

The Wright Bros

The Airplane

I decided to make this hub about one of the greatest inventions of all time, the airplane. The Wright brothers, made a profound impact on the world that we live in today. These young men were able to create something that the world had never seen before, and that is an airplane, a vehicle that would transform the heavens and the way that people could travel.

I think about just how amazing this feat is. That two young men were able to create something that had never existed before, although Leonardo Davinci did have something very similar to a helicopter type structure before the Wright Brothers even existed. The whole idea of flight is a testimant to the inginuity of the human mind. I mean just to think about it, was there ever really a need to learn how to fly? What made people want to fly in the first place, curiosity perhaps? Today we use flying to travel from California to New York, we even deliver letters, and packages to loved ones using airplanes.

Imagine this, what if the airplane was never invented? Imagine how different our world would be today. For instance, we would not have the exchange of ideas that we have now. Some of the greatest minds from all over the world that came to America, came on steamboat, others came via the Bering Strait land bridge thousands of years ago. But now, people are able to come to America, and people are able to go to China, or Australia, and we can do this all in the matter of hours instead of days thanks to the airplane.

major means of Transportation without flight

Without planes we can imagine an era of driving around in these Model T's.
Without planes we can imagine an era of driving around in these Model T's.
Going "Across the pond" would take days instead of hours.
Going "Across the pond" would take days instead of hours.
Trains would be another option, as we would be able to enjoy the scenic view. Imagine an america covered with train tracks instead of highways.
Trains would be another option, as we would be able to enjoy the scenic view. Imagine an america covered with train tracks instead of highways.

Life without Airplanes

I would like to draw a picture for you, of what our world would look like without airplanes. The very first world war began literally a few years after the invention of the airplane. The first airplanes that were used in the military were used by the Italians in Libya in the year 1911. (That was over 100 years ago.) These planes made it possible to battle from the air as well as send spies and observers to be able to check out enemy terrain. Without airplanes we would probably not live in a world today as we know it. Military battles could have been won and lost depending on airplanes, and the lack thereof. Nations that had them were much better off than nations without them, and as a result affected the desitiny's of these nations.

Airplanes made the exchange of ideas much faster. This is what makes it possible for technology to become more progressive at a quicker pace. . Without airplanes travel would go about at a snails pace. We would have to drive everywhere. Including across the country.

Instead of flying from Seattle to Miami a distance of approximately 2734 miles, I would have to drive. Let's say that I am a business man, and that I have to trek all the way to Miami from Seattle on business. This would take nearly two or three full days at the very least. I would have to stop for gasoline, and stay at a hotel or two before I finally made it to my destination. Imagine how backwards we would be if that was the case. By the time I made it to Miami from Seattle it would have been three days gone by, and I would have to conduct my business whatever that may be. Now the difference between traveling by car and taking 72 hours to reach my destination makes a huge difference in comparison to flying and taking only four hours. Especially when we can consider how many things that I can actually do in that amount of time. With an airplane I can fly from Seattle to Miami, in four hours, conduct my business, get a hotel in Miami and then spend the rest of my day on the beach.

Without the airplane I would be in my car with the window rolled down probably just making my way through Iowa. You see, how this example explains in detail that the airplane has sped up the process of human existence? If everyone took so long to travel then other things that we take for granted today would not be possible because we would be occupied doing other things.

Hawaiian Airlines

Say Aloha to traveling
Say Aloha to traveling

Airline Companies

In the United States there are a few major airlines. I am sure that you all of heard of some of the most popular ones, you know, the American Airlines, the Southwest Airlines etc. You may even be surprised to know that neither of these two airlines are even considered in the top four airlines in accordance to the quality rating voted on by us, the American people, and customers of these airliners.

According to the Airline Quality Rating (AQR) report published by Purdue and Wichita State University, the top four airlines as of 2010, are:

  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Airtran Airways
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines

I must admit that I have not heard of any of these airlines before but according to the report these four airlines have the most reliable service, and consistency when it comes to departure schedules and overall quality including baggage handling & security.

Airplanes video with B.O.B & Hayley Williams

Other Interesting information

  • American Airlines was founded in 1934 and it flies to all continents except for Africa, and Australia.
  • A song named "Airplanes" by R&B singer BoB and lead singer of Paramore Hayley Williams reached # 2 on the billboard hot 100 list. (Oddly enough the duo actually never met each other at any point during the making of the video.)

Thank You

Thanks for reading, please leave some comments and participate in the poll vote, I am interested in hearing what you all have to say.

Preferred means to travel without planes

If you could travel from New York to California or a distance of equal proportions about the country which mean of travel would you prefer?

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    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 3 years ago from Ljubljana

      Flying is one of the most popular dreams, being asleep or awake, from the beginning of our memory, I suppose. If i may rewrite the title of your article: where would we be without dreams and dreamers?

    • Abdul Wahabone profile image

      Abdul Wahab 5 years ago from Yanbu Al-Bahar, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia

      I think we would be in some local titanic if there weren't planes, hehhheh

      Great info. thanks for sharing..

    • jonnycuddleberry profile image

      jonnycuddleberry 6 years ago

      Hey Keiran Gracie, thank you for your detailed comments. It is neat that you have a background in aviation. That is neat. Also, without airplanes we would not have any skydiving!

      The technological advancement of airplanes has made a huge impact on technology in many different ways. For instance, maybe without airplanes we would not be able to have internet. There could be some way that the internet and flight are linked. Airplanes are used in the military in so many different ways, sometimes they make it easier to attack other people.

      Unfortunately atomic bombs, and missiles are flying out of airplanes these days!

      If we did have the internet without airplanes then yes, I could still conduct business from the use of my lap top. It is cool just to think that the world would be a different place without airplanes.

      Also, if the Wright Bros, did not invent the airplane, I am sure that someone else would have. Even though they are credited with the invention of the airplane and flight, other people were working on flight at the same time as well.

      Also, you made an excellent point about space travel. Nasa would not be the same without flight. It would probably be like a submarine company instead of a space shuttle company.

    • profile image

      Kieran Gracie 6 years ago

      Having a background in aviation I, rather naturally, love airplanes and would not like a world without them. Apart from the advantages in travel time that you mentioned, airplanes have many other uses. They rescue people at sea and in difficult places, they bring medicine to needy people in Australia and many countries that have poor or no surface transport structure, or remote habitation. They carry huge amounts of cargo faster and more efficiently than surface transport. They provide pleasure for many, either as pilots or in air displays, or in seeing the Grand Canyon!

      They have unquestionably altered the way people fight, and they have contributed heavily to technology advancement in all sorts of fields. They have given us space travel. A world without airplanes? Certainly a duller, less efficient, slower world. A bit quieter, maybe. I think that we would still have wars, unfortunately, with or without the airplane.

      But have we started to bypass the airplane with our use of the internet? Your business trip from Seattle to Miami, for instance - nowadays this could probably be done online. We can often see sports and experience holiday destinations better on TV than by actually going there. I would like to think, however, that the airplane is here to stay. So, in the end, I really can't answer your question - where would we be without airplanes?