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Srilanka Auto News - Micro car company

Updated on October 19, 2011

Auto Industry of Srilanka

Auto Industry of Srilanka..... Whhaaat?

Sorry no Auto News in Srilanka. No auto news or no lanka motors news as there is no auoto industry in Srilanka.

Oh! yes, I forgot that Srilanka tried to start her auto industry in Nineteen Sixties with assembling Isuzu Bellett and Mazda cars. Few Isuzu Bellet cars were assembled and a few were exported also. Upali Motor Company (UMC) assembled some UMC Mazda cars that were very popular for a long time. With the Socialist policies of the government during 1970-1977 period cars were neither imported to nor assembled in Srilanka. In 1978 UMC started assembling Upali Fiat 128. That project also did not last long.

Veteran Automobile Engineer, Dr. Lawrence Perera established Micro Cars Company in 2000 to produce low priced cars in Srilanka. The first Micro car and a mini van Designed and produced in Srilanka were introduced to market in 2003. Later other models like Micro Trend and Micro Mx-7 were introduced. The Korean SUVs Rexton and Kyron from Ssangyong and the double cab pickup Actyon assembled by Micro were hot favorites due to the competitive price Tag. Apart from these An Airport bus and a Double Decker bus were produced in Srilanka by Micro. All these vehicles had imported Engines and Gearboxes.

With the acceptance of locally produced or locally assembled vehicles Srilanka may have an auto industry of her own in the future. The plans of few other companies to assemble Chinese vehicles in Srilanka is another pointer for this.

IsuZu Bellet cars were assembled in Srilanka in 1960s

Isuzu Bellet
Isuzu Bellet

Mcicro Cars Are to Stay

With the competitive price tags and the superb after sales service Micro cars are beginning to establish as a locally accepted Brand. With clinching an order to export 150 of Micro MX-7 Sedans to Nepal it has started exporting cars.

UMC Mazda Very Popular in 1970s

UMC Mazda 1500
UMC Mazda 1500

The many models produced by Micro are Proven designs. Trendy hatchback Micro Trend has been designed by famous Italian Designer firm Pininfarina for Hafei of China and produces in China as Hafei Lobo and produced in Srilanka as Trend.

The first Micro 800 was designed locally. It had an 800cc Italian Engine

Micro 800 Designed and Manufactured in Srilanka

Micro trend Designed by Pininfarina and Manufactured by Micro

MX-7 assembled in Srilanka

Micro cars assembles MX7 a mid-sized sedan car that proudly exhibits the aerodynamic lines designed by Pininfarina the famous Italian auto designing firm. The MX7 is designed for long life in tropical climes. This stylish car boasts of low fuel consumption making it popular in some markets. The car offers many options like anti-lock braking system with EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution), electric windows, etc. while the power Steering with four wheel independent suspension ensures control and stability. The MX7 comes with a 1.6 litre, 4-cylinder Mitsubishi engine and meets Euro II Safety Standard.

Micro MX-7 is Geely MK-2 Assembled in Srilanka

Micro Rexton - Korean Ssangyong SUV Assembled in Srilanka

Double Decker Manufactured at Micro

Future Trends

During the period of civil war that lasted for three decades Srilankan economy stagnated. With the end of the war and hopes for a peaceful future, foreign companies, Srilankans living abroad and the local companies may invest in Srilankan economy. With these favorable factors there is the likelihood of an auto industry taking shape in Srilanka. With the national incomes of the whole SAARC region and the trade liberalization within SAARC Srilankan auto industry can take a risk.


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    • profile image

      nihal hemachandra 4 years ago

      i want to buying super luxery double décor bus, give me price and full details,, thanks

    • profile image

      M.S.RANASURIYA 5 years ago

      I'm waiting for your passenger van product, like Toyota Hiace,we canot by now our import any vehical because of taxes. our product may be less than other, I hope very soon you can produce this type vehical,

    • Eight8Consulting profile image

      Eight8Consulting 5 years ago from United States

      nice one

    • profile image

      S.R.D. 5 years ago

      This is very good news . I'm interested in MX 7 AND Rexton.

      Someone mentioned there is a queue of one year to purchase one or they were not for the local market. Can I know the price if they are for sale.

    • Sun Pen 50 profile image

      Sun Pen 50 5 years ago from Srilanka

      I am writing a hub on Panda. Just wait for it. Panda seems to be a good car, but for some time to come you cannot expect a good second hand market for Chinese cars. In Srilanka that also is one important factor factor when deciding to buy a car.But I am sure Chinese cars will dominate the market in ten fifteen years. But the novelty and the good looks combined with all extras coming as standard, WHY NOT? I can remember how Japanese cars were doing in early sixties and Korean cars were doing in eighties. good luck to you. Thank you for visiting and comment. I invite you to the Hub community. Start writing with us.

    • profile image

      Sathyajith 5 years ago

      I need to buy a micro panda geely 1.3 ! is this a good idea! can i get an auto transmission???


    • profile image

      Mico 6 years ago

      Sri Lanka has done really good with Micro. It is a small country with a small economy.

    • Sun Pen 50 profile image

      Sun Pen 50 6 years ago from Srilanka

      Thank you for the comment. I'll write one on Srilankan Auto Industry soon. Thanks for the idea too.

    • profile image

      Apoorva Dixit 6 years ago

      Nice and Informative. Please post about something on Sri Lankan Auto Market preferably with figures and all. Really interesting and growing industry for the Sri Lankans.


    • Sun Pen 50 profile image

      Sun Pen 50 6 years ago from Srilanka

      Thanks for the visit and the encouraging comment.

    • chamilj profile image

      chamilj 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Nice beginning for Auto Industry in Sri Lanka. Thanks for publishing about Micro Brand of vehicles. Cool designs. Voted up!

    • Sun Pen 50 profile image

      Sun Pen 50 7 years ago from Srilanka

      Thanks James,

      I am Writing a comparison of Micro with Indian and Chinese models on offer here.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      This is great news! The Micros look awesome. Thank you for illuminating my mind about this. I enjoyed learning from you.

    • Sun Pen 50 profile image

      Sun Pen 50 7 years ago from Srilanka

      Thanks for compliment and the SAARC spirit

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Yes, Srilanka is one the country of South-East Asia. People are saying 21-century is the century of Asia. If so Srilanka will rise in Auto-Industry very soon. SAARC is its inspiration.