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Standard vs. Quick Shifters

Updated on May 14, 2012

Quick Shifters vs. Standard Gear Shifters

Have you ever thought that how much can your method of gear shifting affect your driving? There are different methods by which you can change gears in your car, and this can affect your driving to a very large extent. The different methods include the conventional standard gear shifter, the second is the short shifter otherwise known as quick shifter, and the third is paddle shifter, but it does not apply on a manual gearbox. Today we shall discuss and compare the conventional gearshift with the quick shift.

Standard Shift vs. Quick Shift

‘Quick shift’, as the name suggests, is a gear shifting method that allows you to shift gears in your car in a very short time as compared to a standard shifter. It takes a very short time to shift gears, which improves efficiency during driving. In a standard gear shifter, you are required to make a long movement of the shift stick to change a gear, but in a short shift, you can change the same gear with less than half the movement of a standard shifter.

How Does Quick Shift Work?

We shall get a little technical here in order to explain the working of a quick shift mechanism. A car gear operates by the use of a gearshift lever that is connected to the gearbox of the car. There is a pivot present at the bottom, which is linked to a shaft that operates the gears. In standard shifters, this design is standardized. However, in quick shifts it involves replacing the shifter lever mechanism, replacing it with a shorter shift stick.

In a quick shift system, the gearshift lever at the top is of a shorter length than the lower one, resulting in a smaller movement of the upper lever to result in a larger movement of the lower one. Therefore, the movement of a standard shift stick being moved all the way becomes equal to that of a shorter shift stick being moved approximately half the way, or even less. Some quick shift levers also have bends that further increase the leverage and improve shifting.

You can buy a complete kit that comprises of shorter gearshift levers and the required accessories to go along with it, and can be installed in place of the standard gear shifter in your car. There are adjustable as well as fixed kits. You can install it yourself if you possess sufficient knowledge, otherwise going to a workshop is the best option.

How To Install A Quick Shift

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Uses Of Quick Shifts In Racing

Quick gear shifting is an essential factor in racing and is used by almost every experienced race driver. During a race, every second counts, so this means that the extra few seconds saved during shifting can be the deciding factor between winning and losing a race.

Since quick shifts change the gears in a very short time, this ensures that very less time is lost by removing the foot off the throttle and pressing the clutch. It requires a very swift movement of the clutch, and thus ensures that gears are changed swiftly. It ensures that your car gets the correct gear to help it cross the finish line before anyone else.


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