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Minnesota Driving: Subaru Forrester - I Love My AWD Vehicle

Updated on January 31, 2016

My Forester


I Love AWD

AWD, or all wheel drive is an awesome feature. It simply means that instead of front wheel drive - where the front wheels are pulling, or rear wheel drive - where the rear wheels are pushing, I have all wheel drive where all my wheels are working together to get me safely to my destination.

Well... If I drive nice -- anyways -- and I usually do.

I live in a icy, snowy state. Our winters begin as fast as they end, so we have to be prepared for the worst driving conditions.

Yeah. We're Used to It

We don't like to drive out of state when it's winter, however.

Why? Because other states that don't get the amount of winter precipitation as us, are weenies when it comes to driving on snow and ice.

I'm not saying I'm an expert, but I have driven on roads where I have been the first person to travel on it. I'm saying roads where there are NO previous tracks. Where the ditch is Gosh knows where. You know... somewhere to the right and left of your wheels, just waiting to pull you in.

I Have Heard Stories

There have been stories about traveling in other states, where an inch of snow or slush sends those drivers spinning into the ditch.

Well. It wouldn't happen quite as much if those people drove a car like mine. I have a Subaru Forester. It's a Forest Green color. It is a 2001.

I Do Have a Subaru Story of My Own

I used to have a 1999 Subaru Forester, but I let my hubby drive it and he hit some ice and got himself into a car accident.

It was one of those nights. It was extremely cold and I had the house to myself. {Oh...darn it!] The phone rang. It was my daughter. "Mom. Can I drive home? Dad told me to call him so he was aware of where I was so if I had car trouble, he'd be ready to come save me if I had car trouble. He didn't want me to freeze to death. He's not answering his phone."

I tried to call Jim and got his voicemail.

I called my daughter back and told her that she could drive home, but she'd have to keep me posted on her whereabouts. So she started on her way home. Five minutes later, I got a phone call from her. "There's an accident. I have to wait."

So she proceeds to talk to me while she waits. There are firetrucks. There is even a helicopter. The kind that takes the injured to Mayo Clinic. It's dark. The road finally clears out and she comes home.

She comes home and shows me the video. There's lights and noise and commotion.

About an hour later, the door opens and my husband walks in. "I made it!"

"I didn't even hear you drive in."

No, the sheriff drove me home. The car is in a garage in Kilkenny. I had a car accident, with Gary, and I had to get a ride home.

Well. To make a long story short... the video that I had seen and heard was my husband's accident.

I Have Yet Another Subaru Story

Well. used Subaru vehicles are hard to come by. Almost impossible. We checked the car lot in Mankato and we were told, sorry... we don't have any right now.

We checked the paper and didn't see any listings.

We were at Walmart and in the parking lot there was a Green Subaru Forester with a note in the window.

FOR SALE by Owner. $5000 or best offer. So, we waited in the parking lot and when the woman came out to her car, we asked her about the car... and offered to buy it. Which she gladly did sell us.

So, the funny part of the story is: if you need something, you can probably find it at Walmart.

The 2015 Subaru

Oooh. I Need to Go Car Shopping!!!


How About You

Do you own an AWD vehicle? -- Especially a Subaru?

See results

The Interior

Winter Gear, Fold down rear seats.
Winter Gear, Fold down rear seats. | Source
Coffee holders.
Coffee holders. | Source

Hesitating When Driving

Caught in a Heavy Rainstorm

I was caught in a heavy storm and as I drove up an on ramp, I drove through a puddle and my car started acting like it was going to quit. I continued up the on ramp but exited at the next off ramp and found a back road to follow to go home.

The next day, my car seemed to be somewhat okay, but the next day, when I tried to drive it to work, it was hesitant. Bucky. Almost like I had a vacuum line falling off. I got an oil change which corrected a bit of the hesitation, but most of it was still there.

Then, I went to O'Reilly's Car Parts and had them use their code testing equipment on the car. The computer said that my knock sensor was not working. This is why my car was acting so horrible. I ordered the part, which was under ninety dollars. I'll pick it up tomorrow.


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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 2 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I've lived in the South far too long to ever try driving in ice and snow. I do, however, love the looks of the Subaru Forester and would love to have one. Front wheel drive serves us fine most of the time, but last winter the all-wheel drive would have come in handy to get my husband home from work late at night. Very glad your husband was safe. Guess it's a good thing you didn't know that accident was his until all was said and done!