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Summons Chevrolet Orlando in Vietnam since the start button jammed

Updated on April 5, 2016

Vietnam GM officially announced the summons related to the Chevrolet Orlando MPV nearly 300 samples of domestic assembly involves the installation of the dashboard panel.

Specifically, after reports Vietnam Registry Department, GM has officially announced 291 orders summoning the Chevrolet Orlando is assembled in Vietnam in the period from 01/02/2015 to 03/09/2016.

The cause of the recall this time, according to GM Vietnam, is due to the brace fitted incorrectly dashboard design process, making the dashboard panel twisted, touching close to the start button, the longer long may cause jams start button.

US carmaker said this, if it occurs, will result in the ignition is interrupted, the airbag system is disabled, dangerous for the driver in the event of vehicle collision. In addition, it can also affect the operation of the power steering system and brake booster, causing the rider to exert a greater force when normal use steering system and brake system in the process of riding.

Therefore, GM Vietnam Chevrolet recommends users in Vietnam should take your car to the official GM dealers across the country to inspect and replace the brace dashboard (if necessary).

GM said the time spent checking and replacement (if necessary) every 15 - 30 minutes and costs entirely by the company responsible


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