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Sunday Driver Hits Our House on a Sunday!

Updated on February 2, 2016

Sunday Driver Hits our house on a Sunday!

Police at the scene of an accident.
Police at the scene of an accident. | Source

Sunday driver drives into our house on a Sunday!

We live on a winding street that is well known for it's frequent wrecks involving speeders and drunk drivers.

A 21 year old was headed to his friend's house on our side of town with a case of Bud in the back.

For some reason or another, he drove up on the curb.

The driver then went across the two houses to our west, sideswiped the neighbor's car, ran over a stump, kept coming and barely missed hitting our car, slid past it, after the two front tires blew, swiped a tree, then landed right into the corner of our house. When it hit the foundation and the front axle broke, it came to a dead stop. The lid on the back of the truck bed flew off and a single can of Budweiser beer, 16 oz. flew out into the driveway, as the truck bed's lid flipped across and busted the windshield.

The young adult, a male, Mexican-American, asked me if he could use my phone.

As I walked inside to call police to report what happened. I ignored him I was too angry to talk to. I went inside to find my camera to take images of the accident. While taking the pictures with my Canon digital camera my hands were shaking. I couldn't get the camera to stay still enough to take any real good images.

I was on the phone with a friend and the police were talking to my wife and the driver.

The dazed and confused truck driver was handed a citation by police for not carrying his driver's license or insurance on his person. After police checked him out he was determined to be insured. The young man was all over the place. The frantic young man asked my wife to let him use the bathroom. You know what happens when you drink a lot of beer.

I refused to let him in our house.

After the driver of the pickup was able to get his parents on the phone using a policeman's cellphone, he waited. Police told him after finding out he was insured, to wait for his parents to take him home but that the truck was a total loss. Why did this even have to happen? If the police thought he was not drunk then what other thing could have caused the wreck? It seems to me a simple matter.

Oncor Electric Services needed to turn the street lights on. After my wife explained the situation about the street lights to one of the officers, the policeman said he would take care of that street light as he admitted it was a serious safety issue.

The street lights were back on after about 30 days of being out.

The house is waiting insurance to pay for repairs and meantime Sunday rolled around again. The next Sunday, at around midnight, like clockwork, another accident occurred. The neighbor's front iron fence was slammed into by a driver of a white sedan. The street lights were not the issue this time. Perhaps Sundays are going to be a regular thing on my block.

People might just start parking their cars in the back yard to avoid being hit by a Sunday driver.


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