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A Owner's review on TATA Indica Vista Saffire

Updated on September 8, 2010
Indica Vista Saffire Aura
Indica Vista Saffire Aura

I bought my Vista Saffire Aura (Solar Orange) from Pratham Automobiles - Pune. The car was delivered to me on 14th May 2009 (within a week of placing final order). As on mid-August, I have clocked 2300 km in city traffic with AC on !!

The milege has been 13 km in city traffic with AC on and my first-car driving experice of shifting gears and accelerator. Did not take it out for a long ride highway. So don't know what will be the milege there. The milege has improved to 14 km after my first serivice which was done in the month of June.

Fortunate to get free insurance worth 10K , mud flats, door mats, service booklet worth couple of thousand free of cost ;-). I could have probably bargained more for free filming and anti-rust treatment in these recession times {but well there is no end to human desires ;-) }.

The whole process of sales , The after-sales service has been excellent. There is always a very obidient service personal from Pratham available to attend to my needs whenever I visited them. I also had one of the TATA company professionals visiting me to explain some of the features and clarify my doubts. That was in response to my mail through customer care web-site. The whole process of after sales service is very professional and very plesant.

One thing I would like to warn everyone is if any one says that their car doesn't make sounds like this and like that , but it is found in your Vista...... then just don't go by their word. Better conform their saying by sitting in their vehicle. Get a feel of the same and then make a decision whether whatever they say is true or not. Or-else you might end up running behind service personal unnecessarily. It happened to me.

The perfomance and comfort in the car JUST rocks. The ride quality is too smooth. One of my friends who owns a Swift VDI commented that the smoothness and ride comfort that he found in my Vista is not found in his vehicle. This is not my opinion , but opinion of a Swift VDI owner ;-). Time to feel proud Mr. Tata.

The gas filled shock absorbers are just too smooth even for my pregnant wife. The rear seat leg-room ... oh... man it is just amazing. My 65 yrs old mom feels that finally there is a hatch-back which has respect for elderly parents who usually prefer to sit at the rear seats. { You may note that I had travelled in rear seats of Swift, A-Star, Wagon-R and Alto - and none of them could give me such a great comfort as Vista }. Ofcouse , you might find that comfort in sedans only. But Vista is hatch-back so I am comparing with other hatch-backs.

Value For My hard-earned Money --> Integrated audio with USB, all power windows, height adjustible seat, titlable steering, Engine Immobilizer, Extended Warranty, Warning buzzers ... oh ... man the list just continues. All these EXTRA FEATURES for an amazingly competitive price.

Planning to go for a long ride sometime soon . Will update about that experience later.

Finally ... Thanks to TATA for providing such an excellent vehicle at such a competitive price. Keep going. Wish you great success to you.

Updated on 10th August , 2009

Yesterday I had gone for a two types of rides.

  • First drive on a 4 lane express way.
  • Next on a village road with real challenging road track and ghat junctions.

I was really surprised with the pick up and comfort even at the speeds of 80 - 110 kmph on the expressway. The milege has been excellent at around 19 kmpl. The load was 2 people on this stretch of the road.

On the village road drive, the load was 5 people. During this drive, I could really understand what my Vista is made up of. It has the strenght of a man and comfort of a woman. On that real bumpy road where I had to put suddens breaks at high speeds, the stability of the vehicle has been excellent. The grip was just too superb even in the ghat sections. The cabin noice was minimal. Overall , we can't ask for more as TATA has already given more than enough in the form of this wonderful far.

Some personal dislikes about this car (felt these while using this car over last six months) (updated in Dec 2009)

I do not like the curved instrument cluster panel in the car. This makes it almost impossible to keep anythig on it. Like I can't leave papers / small articles on that board like I can do in Indica / Alto / Wagon R

The RVM (rear view mirrors) don't fold completely which is a bit annoying sometimes. I would advise TATA to make them in such a way that they can be folded180 degrees horizontally (agrrrr.........)

The left/right turn indicators below the RVMs could have bulbed out than being inside the body. It would have enhanced the visibility of those small indicators.

There is an opening between the band brake base and the car body which can allow my ill fated home keys/coins to go through on any unfortunate day. On such one day , I had to bring a small hooked pipe to bring my key out.

Other than these ... all full marks to this car. More pros and cons and when I experience them.

Updated on 22nd March 2010.

Couple of times , I did receive requests from some of the users asking for a check-list for taking the delivery of their new car.

I have added a new blog in hub pages with the check-list. You can find the blog at the following link. You may want to take a print-out and carry it to be handy while taking the delivery of your lovely car.

Check List while taking delivery of your new car

Enjoy .......

Updated on 10th August 2010.

Managed to scrap the door of my car in my companys parking lot :-(. The comfort that I enjoyed while riding the vehicle with Sedan like space and comfort is paid off for a little bit of difficulty in parking the vehicle in crammed places.

How I wish my vehicle is Vista when I ride but becomes a Nano when I park :-D

Giving it for 3rd free service in few days and then need to check on the milege again.






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    • profile image

      Rajesh B 4 years ago

      They have discontinued this model & hence its hard to get spares, similar experience, quite sad to hear the post sales service, quite frustrating when you have to pay more for peanuts proce spares.

    • profile image

      Shivamurthy K S 4 years ago

      In the year 2010, jan , I have purchased the vista saffire, in Pune. On account of transfer of my job shifted to Junnar ( towards north from Pune, around 100 KM). The use of the vehicle very less. Jus 10500 kms.

      I have one problem of spare parts, The petrol pipe,which supplies petrol from tank was cut by rats, took 3 weeks to get by the local spare supplier from Ahmednagar at Rs.800/- and the mechanic charged Rs.300/- as he says that the spares are not selling outside.

      When I lodged a complaint with Tata motors, they have advised for bring the vehicle to service centre at Chakan or Pune by towing as they have not shown any courtesy to visit site (vehicle ) and assess the work. The towing cost, as per the towing person, was around Rs.9000/-

      I felt very bad. Thinking, the spares may be available every where I purchaed the vehicle by name tata , but some mechanics expereince is that the vista spares are easily not getting even in the showrooms except new vehicles.

    • profile image

      Jaleel 5 years ago

      I have purchased New Tata Indica Vista 2012 Quadrajet VX. I have completed 900 km on it with 2 tanks full and the average mileage i am getting is 12 on Diesel car. Most of the owners of Vista claim that they get 18 in city conditions. Is there any fault in the car. I don't drive car at more speed than 60 in city and never keep my leg on clutch while driving except only for changing gears.

    • profile image

      Krishnaraj 5 years ago

      Let me know the top speed of vista safire 65PS.

    • profile image

      Narendra 5 years ago

      Hi PavanKumar,

      Impressed with the way you are giving replies to n number of queries related to Vista Safire.

      I hope this thread is still acvite and I'll get a reply from you.

      Have you got any feedback on the New Vista GVX 65 (which I think is on the same lines of earlier Safire 65.

      Looking at the proze of it in comparizon with Ritz, Swift, Figo and Micra...I think we get lots of features in Vista at lesser cost. SO if the Pertol engine is good engough then I would prefer to go with Vista over others.

      I keep geeting lots of good feedback on Quadrajet...but dont find engough reviews on GVX 65 (SAfore65) adn hence bit concerned about the peorformance of this pertol engine. ALso does 65 bhp give any serious performance issue son highway driving?

      Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • profile image

      Rahul Dagade 6 years ago

      Does any one know, what is costing in Pune for the following decorations in a Car. I have inquired in Durga Decorators near C-Lai, Tilak Road.

      1. Pioneer speaker (250W) - Rs.2500

      2. Reverse gear horn - Rs. 150

      3. Central locking with remote (AutoCop)- Rs. 3900

      4. Leather steering cover - Rs. 100

      5. Wheel cap (4 nos.) (Heddock)- Rs. 750

      6. Under body Anit rust coating - Rs. 1600

      7. Power window (front) - NA

      8. Power window (front & back) - NA

      Please do reply, if you came across the cost of the above items.

    • profile image

      Pavan Kumar 6 years ago

      I think it's pretty much decent bargain.

    • profile image

      Rahul Dagade 6 years ago

      Continuing with the previous post,

      It is Petrol Saffire 1.2 ltr.

    • profile image

      Rahul Dagade 6 years ago

      Hello Pavan and other members,

      I have a relative who wants to sell their Indica Vista Terra - July 2009 Model. It has clocked 45,000 KM (in two years) till date. It has some extra features like,

      1. Pioneer Music system with DVD/Aux-in/USB but their 2 speakers are not working properly with some teared sound. They must be replaced.

      2. Front fog lights

      3. 5 Tyres are in excellent condition, they look new, they are replaced recently.

      Along with this it has a crash at the left side with some bent at lower portion.

      I have a question, for which prize I should purchase this model? He is quoting Rs. 2,00,000 (2 lakhs).

      Please reply, since I have to finalize it as early as possible. Thank you in advance.

    • profile image

      Marioreynolds 6 years ago

      I bought a Vista Aura 1 month ago and it feels as if the car is falling apart after only 1800kms. The driver side seat belt keeps getting twisted in the guiding mechanism, the door hinges are coming loose, one electric window button broke, the other one's light os flashing, the rubbers on the roof appear to be coming loose and there is a rattling noise in the engine. Is the quality of the Tata vehicle in South Africa the same as the rest of the world? When I Google Saffire, the get 1.2L. My Aura is a 1.4. Finally has the Aura been discontinued in South Africa because the do not feature in our car magazines (CAR & TOPCAR).

    • profile image

      venkat 6 years ago


      I bought vista safire 90ps one month back,,,, very happy with performance,, gr8 pick up... i am getting 13 to 14 KMS without AC in city. yet to take for a long drive. Finished 1st service also...

      Vista safire 90 rocks...most powerful petrol hatchback in india:-)

    • profile image

      Vishal Bhatt 6 years ago

      I finally bought i10 Sportz Kappa 1.2 ... put it this way with 1200CC engine and 80 BHP power ... its simply amazing .... its of another league

    • profile image

      Yash 7 years ago

      Hi.. I bought a vista safire aura (gala red) 7 months back.. M very much satisfied by the performance of my car nd after reading all these reviews m feelin proud of owning a vista.. I got my second free service done last month and d mileage i get is around 16kmpl.... Comparing ol other vehicles in d segment, vista has got a better design in respect of looks as well as sturdiness.... I personally chose vista for its comfort and space.... Let it b a highway long drive or a sticky city drive, vista vil always keep u comfortable... I've run 3500km nd reached upto a speed of 160kmph on my vista til now nd m satisfied wid my car in ol sense.... Vista is bigger compared to d other vehicles in d segment nd hence parking it small places can be a problem, but once you are used to its size, you can park it anywhere you lik wid its superior handling.. Gear transmission is smooth making d drive enjoyable... The 1.2l engine feels a bit under powered for a car of this size, so you dont get joy of starting off the car in the 1st gear... The boot space can be a prob.... The dashboard is designed beautifully but cannot be used for keepin anything.... but such a spacious car, with good mileage nd so many features at this cost is highly affordable...:-)..... PROUDLY VISTAING....

    • profile image

      Venkat 7 years ago


      i am planning to go for Vista saffire aura petrol,

      please let me know the pick up and power of the vehicle.

    • profile image

      AMAN VERMA 7 years ago

      hi i am using vita afire rom lat one year i havi got lot of problm from door locking system, milage getting nearly 13km/ltr

    • profile image

      Vishal Bhatt 7 years ago

      Hi Pawan,

      I had almost decided buying the saffire aura abs which is fully loaded version, but have two concerns,

      1. Build quality : have seen reviews with usage of bad quality plastics and stuff (I felt interiors pretty good while test drive) and general concern regarding petrol version of the car as its not TATA strength

      2. Engine capacity : Felt 65 BHP of engine is little less then required , its pretty good while driving but felt little sluggish while accelerating from 2/3 gear at low speed (which is common in city conditions), still overall i felt the drive quality is almost the same as swift. what do u say?

      Your opinion will really help,

      Thanks & Regards

      Vishal Bhatt

    • profile image

      atul 7 years ago

      hey pawan

      im goin to buy new car within dis week...between wagon-r and vista saffire...but im bit confused coz personally i realy like saffire...

      but many of friends and relatives were saying dat performance of vista petrol is very bad like maintainence is very high...engine starts making noise within 2 years i sud go for maruti...

      help me out...

    • profile image

      deepak shah 7 years ago

      i love vista,power & milege of the car it's excellent

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hi Sandeep,

      Here are my answers.

      --> When it comes to longivity , nobody can beat TATA (except FIAT). They are just too rugged for any other competitor to come neaby. How many Indicas don't you see on the roads which are more than 10 years old. Also , please note that all the Cab Provider who prefer Indica literally rape that vehicle by running it for 50,000 in a year !!! .... but still manage to run it for a decade. That should answer how rugged the TATA cars are.

      2) --> Yes , the electric/electronic components (read power windows ) of any car (be it from Maruti/Hyundai) will defenetely develop some or the other kind of minor issues after 2/3 years of usage (which is absoultely normal). It is not that they start breaking down , but they might develop issues which need some maintenance and some extra expenses to be borne by you ... if you don't mind those , then close your eyes and go for the fully packed car. After all you can always change back the Power Windows to Manual ones , if you were really unlucky ;-)

      3) --> Rear wiper and Anti Fogger are really two totally useless ones as far as India is concerned. Most likely , your cars rear wiper will be an attractive paly thing for children in your housing complex :-)

      4) Front fog lamps give real good luck to your vehicles while driving in the night and also makes you very comfortable while driving with dip head-lights.

      I hope I answered all your questions.

      Enjoy !



    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hi Pankaj,

      With a running of less than 1000 km per month , I would strongly opt for Saffire and use that one lakh saved towards running costs of my vehicle ;-)

      I really can not comment on Chevrolet Beat as I did not drive that vehicle yet. But from outside , it looks like another i10 or A-star (I hope it's not another A-Star). Driving in city traffic is not a major concern with any of the three vehicles .... but with Parking it is. Sometimes I feel , my Vista is a bit big but well .... that's the price I have to pay for all other comforts and advantages it gives.

      The higher models of all the three vehicles have all the options that you are mentioning. I too would also look for a 60:40 split rear seat , as it might be handy when you have to carry lots of luggage with 3 people.

      As far as my knowledge is concerned, GM's customer care might not be as good as Maruti / TATA.

      Last but not the least is ... Many people say they get milege of around 10 km with their vista { except few fortunate ones like me ;-) ... so you also keep this in your mind. }. General experience with Quadrajet is that it gives a milege of around 15 in city traffic , but well then you consider the initial extra amount that you invest and the interest that amount would have earned every month.

      The calculation that I make is , if I have 1 lakh extra with me and mange to earn anywhere between 1000 - 4000 every month. I better use that extra earned money on the fuel (petrol) and be with the 1 lakh at the end of the day.

      .... but ... if you finalize TDI , then well, no other car can come to anywhere near to the value for money that it gives. It almost costs same as the Higher model Saffire but runs on the Diesel. Moreover , if you want to upgrade/change the TDI engine later , I beleive TATA Motors gives disount on it.

      So .... go ahead and enjoy. I personally see the process of buying a car from more of Value For Money while buying and Value For Money as long as I run the vehicle.

      Good Luck.



    • profile image

      sandeep 7 years ago

      Hi Pavan,

      thx for your quick response.

      i find ford figo a bit small comapred to the rest in height. also the after sales etc may not be so good in my opinion.

      had a few questions.

      1.Could you please add about the maintenance and mileage. Also heard that tata cars are good for 3-4 years and then turn like trash cans.

      2. is it true that more electronic like power windows,rear wipers etc..effect in the long run coz i long to have those after being denied that by my M800 for such a long time.

    • profile image

      Pankaj 7 years ago

      Hi Pavan,

      I am all for Vista Aura ABS Saffire, but am concerned about the mileage. My avg running per month should be 600KM and on highway 500Km once in 2/3 months.

      Should i opt for QDJ/TDI??

      I want a good music sys with USB apart with Central locking/ dr seat height adjustment(for my wife)/AC/Power steering and a comfortable car which i intend to use for the next 8 years or so.

      Do you think any other car should be suitable in swift/chevrolet beat for city traffic of pune?

      Looking forward for your resaponse as i will be booking car in next week or so.

      My Email:

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hi Sandeep,

      Both are no doubt good vehicles. The following are some of the things that makes the difference

      --> Initial Cost of the vehicle , Vista costs you almost 80K less

      --> Space and comfort , Vista is just too good for Swift. This is where , Swift (read Maruti vehicles) is a REAL REAL looser. They are just too crammed up for spaces and just don't bother about the comfort of people who travel in the car. Swift is just another crammed up for space car like A-Star / Alto ....

      --> Features , Vista gives a far more features than Swift.

      --> General Public Brand Image , Swift strikes more.

      --> If you are in a congested city , then you might face some issues while parking Vista as it is taller , bigger and larger than Swift ;-)

      If you are not too much concerned about the budget , then go for Swift as Maruti has served you better for past 12 yrs. If 80 K is big amount for you , then go for Saffire.

      Another vehicle you may want to consider is Ford Figo - but well then you have to bear with the sparcity of their servicing stations and not sure whether it is just initial boom like that of Mahindra Logan - or really a game changer challenging these two vehicles.

      Whenever I ride my Saffire , I feel that my feet are very much on the ground - it's that stable. Recently , When my car was scrapped through by a reckless bus breaking the left RVM , I just felt as if somebody just shook me. It did not move even an inch - ofcourse the speed of the vechicles were around 40 km only.

      -- Decide your budget.

      -- Decide your proximity to the service station.

      that's it .... rest all should be clear to you. Both the vehicles are pretty much good. I heard from my friend that Vista Drivetech is much more smooth. So consider that against Swift.

      Also irrespective of the vehicle you want to buy ,go for the entry model (with HVAC and POWER STEERING). This will ensure less maintenance head-aches and costs as you are planning a very very long innings with the car.

      Good Luck !

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      sandeep 7 years ago

      hi Pavan,

      im planning to buy a vista saffire as my annual drive wld be roughly about 4000km. Currentl have a maruti 800 which served me very well (reason cld be coz i drive a little only weekends..) for above 12 years.

      Since you have vista with you over a year and since our ideas match i'm still a bit confused between swift and saffire.

      Would appreciate your views though i read all posts above. Thx.

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Sorry ... Amit. I am still an amateur as far as the milege is concerned.

      I am happy though that your car is already running on 1.2 lak km :-). A good moral booster for me.

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      Amit Gupta 7 years ago

      Hi ,

      I own a saffire and would like to have an idea about maintainence cost at 1.2 Lakh Km. Does any have any idea?

    • profile image

      Sumit 7 years ago

      Thanks for your reply. I am totally agree with you that the some people are Anti TATA. They shown the picture of burning Nano but never published other cars burning picture.

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago


      I never test drove a Drivetech yet. But I did speak to my office collegue who bought Drivetech Quadra. He is happy with the vehicle. As per him , the car is giving around 16-17 km/l in city driving conditions. Also he was mentioning that the gear box and pedals a bit smoother than non-DriveTech ;-)

      "maximum review told negative abt Tata cars." is a way too generic statement. May be you bumped on or read only the negative reviews. As such people and media is a bit anti TATA for unknown reasons ( I just wonder why they put Nano wires catching fire on front page but put a small piece of news when BMW car catches similar kind of fire on Pune-Mumbai highway .... ???? ). Is the media really truthful or is something more behind.

      I have read negative reviews by car owners of Hyundai / GM and Ford ... Does it mean I might too face similar kind of situation ?. Sometimes ,I find problems for people who expect more than what they are ready to spend ;-)

      I don't deny bad experience for some of the customers , well we may call it bad-luck. But as far as I am concerned , I am fully satisfied for my VALUE FOR MONEY. If I want 100% pefect customer support with dozen of service personal satisfying my ego of "I am a car owner" , I better opt for Benz / Rolls Royce ..... Did you get what I am trying to convey ?

      Otherwise ... Vista is no doubt a good vehicle and also there are other good vehicles. So just decide your budget and conveneince of Service Center and your requirements and go ahead with the purchage. No second thought.

      I wish you a good car with good luck.

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      Sumit 7 years ago

      What's abt Drivetech4? maximum review told negative abt Tata cars. I want to buy Vista Safire Aqua. But still confuse....

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago


      TDI is TATA's Diesel engine which started as a simple diesel engine on their Indica/Indigo vehicles. I still see 10+ yrs old vehicles with that diesel engine running comfortably on roads.

      I am sure TDI has found hell lot of developments over last 10 yrs. TATA stands for it's ruggedness. Shelf life of more than 5 yrs is childs play for TDI.

      In your earlier post , I felt you are a bit conscious about the "initial cost" of the vehicle too. So instead of hig-end Saffire , I suggested you entry TDI. Both will cost you the same. Apart from no change in your initial budget, TDI will help you save on running costs.

      So ... you want to save money and get "good enough" car then TDI is pretty decent.

      Now since you plan to use for around 6 yrs , will you able to recover that extra 50K that you shell out for QJD ? .... that's the calculation you have to figure out yourself.

      but ... take it from me .... MILEGE wise , irresprctive of what sales guys claim, both TDI and QJD give around the same average.

      Finally Maintenane :

      Both TDI & QJD will cost you the same. Very rarely you need to change anything in the core part of the engine. It will be just filters / spares which cost you same for any Vista. With so much of technological advances in Diesel technology , you better just get rid of the feeling that Diese will have more maintenance. It might be true with a 10+ yrs old engine but not with the TDI.

      Since , you plan to use it for around 6 yrs , the maintenance part should not bother you much.

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      DHARAN 7 years ago

      thanks PAVAN ,

      in diesel either

      1.which one give better mileage ??? TDI or QJD

      2.which one is less maintenance ???TDI or QJD

      3. which one has long engine life ( > 5 years ) ???TDI or QJD

      4. cost difeerence between two is QJD is almost 50k costlier than TDI . is it worth buying for that cost or TDI is enough for indica vista ???

      your view about both engine ????

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hello Dharan,

      Close your eyes and go for the diesel demon TDI.

      TATA is known for it's diesel engines as that is their main forte for last several decades.

      The per km running of TDI will be almost half of Saffire ;-)

      Instead of high-end Aura Saffire, given a chance I would prefer entry-level Terra TDI. They both cost almost same.

      The conception of Diesel engine having more maintenace is age old and not true with the latest Diesel engines. They are as good as the petrol ones.



    • profile image

      DHARAN 7 years ago

      hi pavan,

      i am planing to buy a car with fuel efficiency.

      confused between vista tdi or safire ???

      i will drive less than 6k per year only in weekand drives(may increase in year ).i would keep my car for minimum 6 years. but the cost difference between petrol and diesel is 30k only.

      if i opt diesel version it would be more fuel economy (i heard saffire has poor fe ).

      i need to know maintenance of diesel engine ???

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hi Rohit,

      With history of running just 6K km per year , not sure why you are so much concerned about milege ?

      Still , if your main concern is running cost per km , then why don't you consider Vista TDI. How I wish , I should have bought that rugged demon ;-)

      If you still want PETROL , then Aqua Saffire is good enough. Too much of automation in any vehicle is bound to have some issues after 3/4 years. As far as Swift is concerned , no doubt it is a good vehicle. But are you happy with it's space and overly price because of customer sentiment. Comfort wise , I did not find any difference between these two vehicles.

      The build quality of Vista is pretty decent. You can check both the vehicles for your self in a Test Drive ... that's the best thing.

      Also , since you are an ex-customer of FORD , why are you not considering Figo ??

      If I were you , I would close my eyes and go for Vista TDI .... ;-)

      Good luck with your vehicel.

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      Rohit 7 years ago

      I am planning to buy a car petrol version. Mileage is the main concern. I owned ford ikon 1.3 rocam..only run 26000 in 4 years. so not much running..want to ask whether i should go for vista aqua safire or aura safire or swift lxi. I am realy confused. people say build quality of vista not great.

    • profile image

      Sumit Gupta 7 years ago


      I am around 6" tall. Prieviously I owned an Alto LX for 3 yrs..I had taken it second hand just for heck of learning but it was a good car although short ...

      My usage per month is arnd 1000 kms so obviously I am looking for a tall car which has good FE, power and good AC.

      I had TD Saffire ..will have to take TD of Ritz...

      Saffire is costing me on road 3.8 L while

      Ritz is costing me 4.3 L on road ...My question is which car should I take ?

      I love the big space of Vista while power (85 PS) of Ritz is luring me but it had got an ugly back

      Plz suggest



    • profile image

      A V S Sarma 7 years ago

      Hi Pavan Kumar,

      Thank for your reply. I have seen your check list.

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hi Senthil,

      The AC is pretty decent in Vista. Most of the first timers feel that the car AC should shiver them as soon as they switch on the AC .... that's where the problem is.

      Depending on where the car is parked ( in shade or under sun ), the AC should take anywhere between 5 to 20 min. to cool the cabin.

      Also , if the car is taken out from hot sun in summer , we better follow the age old tips like leaving the windows open for sometime before switching on the AC and opening the windows couple of times after the AC is switched on (it's easy incase we have power-windows ) then finally keeping the AC in re-cycle mode to cool the cabin faster.

      All the best with your new car.

      - Pavan

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hi Sarma,

      All the freebies that I got was during the recession time. Not sure what are the offers now. If you can manage all of the things mentioned in my blog, I think that should be fine.

      For the pre-delivery check list , please refer to my blog.

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      A V S Sarma 7 years ago

      hi All, I booked Vista Saffire Terra (pune). What accessories i supposed to get cumpolsarly and pre deleviery check list. any body booked from b u bhandari. what free they got

    • profile image

      jayasenthil 7 years ago

      Hello All,

      I recently have test driven Swift VDI, Wagonr, beat, spark u-va and at last Indica Vista Quadrajet. It was my love at first sight.

      After comparing all these cars finally i settled to Vista Quadrajet. I found the driving comfort to be very good and my friend was saying he felt like sitting in a couch in the rear seat.

      I liked it very much.

      I may have to see the durability part of it, as few of my friends who were having previous models of Indica like V2, Dicor etc. where complaining about its durability. I hope TATA has taken care of it all with their lessons learnt from those previous model.

      Other important part of it is the European standard crash tests that it has undergone successfully. The thought TATA has given for the pedestrian safety in their design for the bonnet is also good.

      No worries about its engine and gearbox, as it was a proven and well tested one. The same engine is powering Swift diesel, Punto and Manza... so no worries :)

      The gear shift was excellent compared to its predecessors.

      So I've decided to go for Indica Vista Quadrajet (Marine Silver). This color was something different, pleasant and won't absorb too much of heat...

      My only worry is the effectiveness of the AC. Because the demo car was not having any effect of AC at all....

      Pavan any comments on the AC...

      I'll soon share my experience about my first car... I'm expecting the car to be delivered in another 2 weeks.



    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      It's good that you have asked me that question. I see some good sense in your question mb !

      Please note that I too feel a bit jealous about the guy who is getting 23+ km of milege in his Vista Saffire .... how do we explain that. You may note that TATA's made a big claim of this in their ads in Pune Mirror.

      I use tank-full to tank-full in calculating the milege (that's the most reliable method as far as I know)

      It's quite sometime back that I checked the milege. Probably I should check it again as my vehicle went through it's second service recently. Hopefully the milege goes up ;-)

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      mb 7 years ago

      I am driving safire model for last six months. The mileage I get in the city is 10.5-11.5 kmpl depending on use of AC. Tata motors claim mileage is 12 kmpl in city and 16 kmpl in highway. I am curious (and envious!) to know how are you getting such a high mileage. I haven't come across any such such values from other reviewer.Can you please expalin how do you calculate mileage?

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hi Mehul,

      Not sure what's your requiement is. "More the features - More will be cost". If 1 lakh is no big deal for you , then you can always consider anniversary edition.

      Apart from that , I was never interested in the Anniversary edition so never looked at it.

      My car was delivered sometime in Mid-May and by the time , I started using the car it was almost rainy season in Pune.

      So I was never required to drive down in hot summer.

      But I did drive down in the city traffic with my AC on while travelling between my home and office (around 25 km each direction). The milege had been around 13 km. Pretty impressive ... I should say.

      But I will try update the article with details after this summer.

    • profile image

      mehulindia 7 years ago

      Dear Pavan,

      Nice Review !

      Does it worth going for Anniversary edition? What average do you get in summer while AC on? Does Alloy wheels make any difference in average?


    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      Hi Satish,

      What will be the travelling distances of your dad ?

      if it going to be more than 1000 - 1500 km per month continuously for next 2 - 3 years , only then think of Quadrajet. Only then it makes sense to invest Rs. 80 K more for diesel.

      Also , I felt pretty comfortable with my Saffire engine. The pick-up and ride has been quite smooth. But ... don't expect to it to zzoooommm like other "small" cars in initial gears. Neverthless, you will never feel that you are dragged.

      If your dad is a person who likes to race in city roads with other small cars , then this is not the vehicle. But if he likes the great stability and smooth pick-up you can always go for Saffire.

      If you are not still not convinced, you may consider the 1.4 ltr. Saffire engine for Vista which I beleive is already out in the market.

      Good luck to you and your dad.

      Actually I bought this vehicle keeping my parents in mind because no othher car gives such a great space and comfort.



    • profile image

      Sathish 7 years ago

      Hi Pavan

      I have decided to buy VISTA for my dad who drives very occasionally. could you advise which one should i go for SAFFIRE or is the pick up in SAFFIRE. i read few reviews that 1.2 petrol engine is small for a car of VISTA size..your comments appreciated

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 7 years ago

      If you don't mind a little bit sticky gear box of TDI , I think you can all go for it.

      Diesel cars requiring more maintenance is an age old MYTH. Nowadays they are as good as their petrol counter parts.

      I also don't forsee the Indian government lifting the subsidy on Diesel price, so you will continue saving money on your running.

      Remember one thing, the more and earlier you run your car , the more you get benefited with the Diesel cars.

      Also I believe that TATA given 30% discount if you want to exchange your TDI engine later with then latest TDI engine (subjected to conformation).

      TATA has low maintenance.TDI has a very good milege.

      Nobody can beat TATA when it comes to DURABILITY.

      Service of TATA has been excellent. If the show-room fellow shows off, just shoot a e-mail to the TATA customer care with your issue and the show room head will be infront of your home to resolve the issue. It's that professional now.

      If you want to drive with a family of 4 - 6 that too for long distances , then most important thing is the comfort. No point in making the co-passengers legs tucked into their stomachs and travel (in the name of good brand name). I can assure you , you will get the best in class comfort in VISTA alone with your entire family.

    • profile image

      Naveen 7 years ago

      Hi, i am planning to buy a car. My requirement is as below

      1. Good mileage.

      2. Durability.

      3. Low maintenance.

      4. Good service.

      5. Car will not be used daily, only used for occations, little of city drive and some long drives with family of 4 or with friends

      After some research i decided to buy Tata Vista Aura TDI, as diesel will be cost effective and good mileage, so could any one please help me wheather my decission is right or wrong.

      I have heard many negative news about the availability of spares and type of service provided by the serice centers..

      I stay in bangalore, so could any one tell me which dealer is good in terms of service and sales offers.

    • profile image

      Viraj 7 years ago

      Quite impressed with your comments , Can you please call me up as I have some questions in mind before going for a final buy !!

      I am contactable on 9811667161

    • profile image

      n.mvenkat 8 years ago

      Thank you Pavan ,You have cleared my clarifications . Will share my experience with vista soon

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Hi Venkat ,

      Here is the link.

      If you face any issues with the dealers, I would advise you to drop a mail to TATA MOTROS customer care and any of your issues will be solved promptly. I personally feel, TATA MOTORS cust care is excellent. All dealers might not be very good towards their customers.

      The e-mail id of TATA CUSTOMER CARE is

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Hi Venkat,

      I got the anti-rust treatment at the show room itself. It costed me around 2000 to 2500. In this treatment, they fill-up small small holes at the joints. They don't paint the entire vehicle.

      The definition of WARRANTY is very confusing. Since you are buying petrol vehicle, I don't see the need for frequent changing of filters, oil and spares. It's done for free for 2 years. So in another 1 year , even if you spend your money, you may not spend more than 4000 to 5000 max. I think the sales guy seems to be very intelligent.

      You can reject the car straight away if you are not happy with the car condition even if it is registered. TATA will go after the show room if a customer has not accepted the car and signed the satisfactory note and given his feed back in writing. This I am talking about the already registered vehicle which will be delivered to you.

      Any new car may or may not have small small issues like speedometer not working (it just that people miss out connecting a wire and it's that simple). Check the car thoroughly and take it for a test drive on highway and on small roads , listein to the engine sounds ,AC .... etc and then take it back and then only submit customer feed back form.

      I have the list of things need to be checked on a separate blog. Let me send you that link in next link.

    • profile image

      n.mvenkat 8 years ago

      Thanks Pavan,where did you painted the Anti-rust coating..

      at dealer or out side agency? Which part has been painted the anti rust coating?

      what they ment WARRANTY is, free replacement of spars,oil and fillters etc at periodical intervels kms or due dates.

      I dont have pre delivery inspection check-list , here they deliver the car after registration only . when to do the pre delivery inspection

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Hi Venkat !

      Gala red is also my favorite color. If not for my wife's choice of the color I too would have gone for that.

      I don't see any need for Teflon coating. Because it rains very heavily in Pune, I got Anti-rust treatment after my first service just before the start of the monsoon. Not sure how much it rains in your place. I won't care about underbody coating either.

      TATA is known for making cars which are very sturdy and can withstand harsh Indian conditions very well. Vista has the comforts of modern cars in addition to it.

      So if it rains very heavily in your place then go for ANTI-RUST treatment. Otherwise , just take the vehicle and enjoy.

      Also make sure you inspect the vehicle thoroughly before you accept and sign the delivery form. Your feed-back will be sent to TATA MOTORS who take feed-back of customers very seriously.

      Do you have a pre delivery inspection check-list ?

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Congrats Venkat !

      I wish you a great time with your Vista Aqua.

      I hope you are not referring to EXTENDED WARRANTY. I too got Extended warranty for an amount of Rs. 4500. Apart from the initial manufacturers warranty of 2 yrs, extended warranty will be valid for another 2 more years. i.e. 2+2 yrs warranty. Good quality filming and seat covers costed me around 12000.

      If what you are referring is 3 yrs of manufacturers warranty (pls. note I mentioned MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY), then it might be good deal. If what you are referring is EXTRENDED WARRANTY, be sure the dealer is very cunning.

      Along with 3 yrs MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY, I would still expect the floor mats and mud flaps atleast as free accessories and also the corporate discount of Rs. 4000.

    • profile image

      n.mvenkat 8 years ago

      Thank you Pavan, I have booked vista saffire Aqua,instead of free spares they are offering warrenty for 3 years or 20000kms (maintnance free) which ever is earlier,like chaverley spark. is it worth while?

      I have booked gala red colour, is required any protection /care for this colour? Tufflon coating is it ok

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Hello Venkat,

      Congratulations and I wish you a good experience with your new vehicle.

      You MUST ATLEAST be able to get the following for FREE.

      --> Door mats

      --> Mud flaps

      --> Windows Sun Filming

      --> Seat covers

      --> Free insurance (has become part of the deal)

      --> Corporate discount of around 4 to 5 thousand if you are working in some company / govt.

      If one dealer says that they can not give, then tell them that so and so other dealer is offering me already.

      Wish you all the best


    • profile image

      m.nvenkat 8 years ago

      me to planning to purchase a viata saffire , what are all the accessories they will provide and what other accs.. to put immediately please guide me

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Hi Prakash,

      Yes. It's 13 first and now around 14 after my first service.

      Not sure how the TATA engineers managed to give such a strong body vehicle with such great milege. Probably because of it's width and weight , it zooms at amazing stabilityy even at high speeds.

      On my long drive on a four lane road , it gave me 19 kmpl !!!, was pretty much surprised and then felt happy with the vehicle.

      I see a lot more Quadrajets than Saffires ;-) on the road. Ofcourse , it depends on the kind of usage that you plan to do with the car and your budget. If you are going to run more than 1500 km per month without fail for next 3-4 years then , you will end up getting back the extra investment that you made for the diesel engine. After that if government still continues the subsidy on diesel, then you will start making the savings.

      But as far as the Diesel vehicle is concerned , with it's FIAT diesel engine and more cc power packed, it's pickup and feel are supposed to be very nice.

      by the by ....

      I have heard that TATA is planning to bring out the 1.4 litre petrol engine version of Vista soon (not sure when). May be you want to conform with your contacts on that if at all you are planning to go for Vista petrol

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      Prakash 8 years ago

      hi Pavan

      just wanted u to confirm are u saying the vista with its size and weighing more than 200kgs than the other hatches say santro or wagonr is giving a mileage of 13km per ltr with a/c in city drive?

      what is ur opinion on the vista quadrajet, how is this car

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Hello Rahul,

      Swift is a good vehicle too. It's widely sold and successful model of Maruti unlike other latest models of Maruti like A-Star, Ritz, Estillo.

      Vista of-course is fast moving model from the house of TATA.

      When it comes to maintenance , both TATA and Maruti are known for very cost-effectiveness. The spares are quite cheap. In both , you rarely need to visit their service stations.

      When it comes to durability , nobody can beat TATA (except FIAT). The sturdiness and longevity of the TATA vehicle is amazing. They can last easily for a decade. In Vista TATA has brought the comfort and ride quality apart from the sturdiness. The space and comfort is unbeatable in Vista. Perosnally I felt Vista is a better vehicle when it comes to ride quality & comfort than Swift.

      I do not like the passenger space comfort in Swift or any of the Maruti vehicles except in their sedans.

      Because of the features and comforts that Vista provides , people call it a hatchback sedan :-)

      Since this is your first car and you want very less maitenance , go for the entry models of any car (TERRA in Vista or LXI in Swift). Vista TERRA has everything except power windows and central locking. Power windows in any car(be it Maruti or TATA or Hyundai) car might give troubles over a period of time (say after 2-3 yrs)

      Since you want less maintenance, keep the automation part of the vehicle as less as possible (like power windows, central locking, back-wipers, buzzers .... etc to minimum). Then I am sure you can ride the Vista for 10 yrs without visiting the show room ;-).

      If money is not a constraint at all and you don't mind paying some 50 - 80 K extra just for the name "Maruti" and for a lot less features , you can go for Swift.

      If you value your money and want a real value for money vehicle, and get the best for your money , then I would advise ..... it can be ONLY VISTA.

      Which ever car you buy, I wish you good luck and happy experience with your first car.

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      Rahul R 8 years ago


      First of thanks for shreing your vista experience with us .

      I am planning for my first car and I am totally confused between Swift [VXI] and Vista [Saffire-Petrol].

      I am looking for car with low maintainance. I asked few people about that and they suggested swift , as your personally driving this car can you give me your openion on this.

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Congrats Manohar. I wish you a happy experience with your car. Do let us know your experience sometime.

    • profile image

      manohar 8 years ago

      I am planning to buy Vista ( i thought of switft , but found it too crampy inside). and i dont like the idea of improving performance by keeping car body weight low (low body weight means less room space and less safe). i have finally decided for Vista.

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Hi Gaurang,

      I too had thought about U-VA before finalizing on the Vista. The reasons why I decided not to go for U-VA are as follows (please note that these are my personal thoughts)

      1 --> The milege is less. Spares are costly.

      2 --> GM has filed for bankruptcy. Chevrolet is GM's

      3 --> I can find TATA service throughout India and any small garage personal will be able understand TATA vehicles easily and provide small repairs.

      4 --> Value for money of Vista is too much.

      5 --> After sales service in TATA is better than GM.

      6 --> TATA's vehicles are knows for longivity. They are very sturdy to keep on running even after 10 years. In Vista , TATA has brought out excellent comfort and drive quality.

      Give a test drive on both vehicles and you will feel it for yourself.

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      Gaurang Naik 8 years ago

      thanks guys for the review. i was in dilema i.e either to go for indica vista safire or chevrolet aveo uva. everybody has suggested me without any second thoughts that i should go for indica vista safire. i had found these kinda reviews for uva. in few days i am going to book my 1st car. Indica vista safire. t

      thanks for the nice blog.

    • Pavan Kumar T L profile image

      Pavan Kumar T L 8 years ago

      Thanks Sachin !

      I am happy that you too had the same experience.

      Your feedback on the long highway drives conforms my personal experience.

      Happy Vistaing ;-)

      - Pavan

    • profile image

      Sachin Dev U.I 8 years ago

      hii friend....

      i too have bought the same car recently. if i am asked to describe my car then i will repeat your words.

      the car is amazing. i hav achieved the speed of 160 kmph on highways. while driving at constant speed of 100 kmph we can achieve mileage of 18-19 kmpl.

      the only draw back is its small boot space.

    • profile image

      sachin dev 8 years ago

      hii friend....

      i too have bought the same car recently. if i am asked to describe my car then i will repeat your words.

      the car is amazing. i hav achieved the speed of 160 kmph on highways.