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TVR Griffith

Updated on May 24, 2013

Welcome to the TVR Griffith one of the fastest British 2 seater sports cars ever made coupled with a Rover engine. The car came into life in 1991 with the sister car known as the Chimaera, the successor was the Tuscan TVR which came out after 2002. There were multiple engines which came out with the car and multiple models also being release during the course of its life.

The Griffith is known for being a light weigh sports car which has mad power to weight ratios, the car only weighed just over a ton. This made the car very slippery in the corners and gave it ridiculous acceleration speeds.

Originally the car came with the 4 liter V8 engine which was the rover V8 engine which was one of the best engines ever made according to some critics. The engine was featured in many cars mainly sports and luxury vehicles. There were however some reliability issues which did arise with this type of engine mainly due to build quality.


Later during the course of the Griffith's life TVR brought out the option to get the car with a larger 4.3 model of the car which had 208 horses under the engine cover. After this there was a further option to include bigger cylinder heads to the spec which did improve performance.

1993 TVR themselves developed their own version of the Rover V8 engine which included a 5 liter 340 hp engine which was couple with the Lucas ECU system. Regardless of which of the specs you went for the car came with only one option for transmission , a five speed manual transmission gearbox.

As mentioned before the car was a sister to the TVR Chimaera however the car was only identical mechanically with much of the outside being totally different. The Griffith was also very exclusive and this was due to the small amount of examples that were made.


The Griffith has also gained notoriety on a virtual level as it was featured in the racing simulator on gaming consoles Grand Turismo. The car was also made in a special edition in Japan named the B340 Blackpool. This car was featured in Grand Turismo and was also seen in Grand Turismo 2.

Marking the end of production in 2000 TVR came out with a car to mark the end of the Griffith's production life. The car was called the Griffith's SE eddition and was built up to only 100 cars , the cars featured a different interior with 16 inch alloy wheels and came with a special edition signature in the boot. Production of the Griffith then ended in late 2002 with the last cars registration being made in early 2003.


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