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Take The Hassle Out Of Car Hire At Malaga Airport

Updated on July 18, 2013
Choose Your Rental Vehicle Online And Have It Waiting For You
Choose Your Rental Vehicle Online And Have It Waiting For You

When You Arrive at Malaga Airport

Many people visiting Spain, whether it be for business or pleasure, find themselves needing car hire at Malaga Airport. Since Malaga Airport is the third largest airport in Spain and caters for over twelve million passengers every year, it is inevitable that many of those visitors will decide that they want to rent a car when they arrive.

The airport is situated around 15 miles from the centre of Malaga town and, although there is a wide choice of excellent public transport available, many travellers choose to seek out a car rental at Malaga Airport in order to complete their journey and give themselves the means of travelling on to other destinations and visiting the many excellent and interesting attractions in the area.

Malaga Airport is one of the principle airports used by those wanting to travel to the Costa Del Sol and the airport has excellent train and bus links to all of the resorts,towns and cities of the area. There are currently more than seventy different airlines operating from the two terminals at Malaga Airport, (there are actually three terminals but Terminal 1 is now hardly ever used).

Malaga Airport is relatively modern and has extensive shopping and refreshment facilities including, of course, a coffee shop for that well earned coffee.

Last year, 2012, there were 102,153 flights to and from Malaga Airport making it Spain's fourth busiest airport.

Malaga airport also boasts a VIP lounge and it is worth a visit if you feel like a treat, if you have a delayed flight or if you just feel like making your wait a little easier and more comfortable.

To find the VIP lounge you go through security control and head towards Terminal Area D on the right. Opposite O'Learys pub there is a flight of stairs, go up the stairs and the lounge is in front of you.

If you don't have a pass to get into the lounge then you can pay on the door, it's €22.00 per person.So what do you get for your €22.00?

Well, the VIP lounge is reminiscent of a Hotel lobby with lots of nice comfortable sofas and chairs, I can't believe it would ever get to be overcrowded, it's huge. There are also "bistro style" tables and chairs if you prefer them to a sofa.

Torremolinos is a popular destination that is located approximately ten minutes journey from Malaga Airport with another favourite, Fuengirola, being located around twenty minutes away. Malaga Airport also serves the elegant destination of Marbella, situated approximately thirty minutes away and Estepona which is around an hours ride.

You could elect to get a taxi and there are indeed many taxis operators serving the airport. During the hot summer months however the queues for taxis at Malaga Airport can be very long with anything up to an hour or so’s wait -r even more on very busy days. Wouldn't you rather be sunbathing, sipping a cold beer or taking a swim than standing queuing for a taxi, baking in the hot summer sun!

Those seeking to travel by train are well served for journeys as far as Fuengirola but the train service ends there and visitors for resorts and other destinations beyond there, including Marbella, will probably need to hire a car and should make enquiries about car hire at Malaga Airport.

How To Find The Best Deal For Car Hire At Malaga Airport.

You could, of course, just leave it to chance and visit one of the many car hire outlets situated at the airport. The staff there are very helpful and eager to help. Whilst this may well be successful in getting you a car rental at Malaga Airport, it will not necessarily get you the best deal available.

Who has time to walk around the terminal seeking out the best rates for the vehicle they would prefer? It is a tall order – especially after a long and tiring flight.

However, if you would prefer all the work to be done for you, well in advance of your arrival at Malaga Airport, you could do a lot worse than visiting the website of a specialist car hire company.

Many of these companies do not rent cars themselves, instead they look at your particular requirements and scan through a wide range of rental companies in order to find the one that best suits your needs at the price you want to pay.

This, of course, saves you not only money – it also saves your precious time and it almost eliminates the possibility of you making a mistake and booking the wrong vehicle at the wrong price.

Have the car you need, ready and waiting for you when you arrive by arranging your car hire at Malaga airport before you travel - online.


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