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Teenagers Car Accident Statistics

Updated on October 16, 2009

Presently in 2009,Teenagers car accidents statistics are still very gory. Present records reveal that most American driver's will have 1 to 3 near car accidents per month and on the average of every 5 to 8 years, they will be in a head on collision of some type. These records also reveal that licensed teenagers have 22 more times more likelihood to get a speeding ticket than those who are 65 years of age and above.

Funny enough but equally pathetic is the fact that Elder Citizens have recorded a higher accident ratio than teenagers. (This will, as time goes on greatly impact the pocketbook of the typical Elder Citizen). By the year 2025, 33 million people in America will be 70 years or older and this population will be growing 2.5 times more than the total population. Also, by 2025, the total costs for motor car accidents in the United States will be well over 450 billion dollars.

There were only four cars registered In 1896 in all the United States. Two of them had a head on collision in St. Louis. Some U.S. states allow young teenagers as young as 14 year of age to get drivers licenses. What do you expect after that. They often end up driving recklessly and largely unsupervised. That really adds a big chunk to the already lofty teenagers car accident statistics.


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      Kevyn Hagemann 7 years ago

      Teenagers are more prone to be in a car accident. Usually, they're multitasking while driving (like texting, eating while driving, emailing, and etc.) So parents worried much for allowing their children to have their own cars. But parents should let their children learn to be responsible, and start to learn to do things that adults do. Choosing safe cars for teens might be so challenging for parents. My son, Dexter asked a favor to me last week. He wanted a Ram 1500 from Dodge because this car will be very useful for him for travelling long distances, especially when he's going for an outing. My friend advised me to go to Edmonton because most dealerships there offer great deals, and when I went there, the dealer discussed its features, and I think it is safe car for my son.