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Texting While Driving And Dying

Updated on May 17, 2017

As I drive in the cities I travel through, I often see people driving and texting while driving in their cars throughout the day. I saw it first hand last year. I was driving and I was slowing down to a complete stop at a four way stop sign.

A woman in an SUV was approaching the same four way stop sign. I could also see very visibly, that she had her phone in her face, literally in her face and there not a remote chance that she could even see the road or the four way stop sign.

I had the right of way and in my mind my intuition told me, she was not going to stop, she drove straight through the four way stop intersection, she never hit her brakes or anything, she just kept texting on her cell phone.

I was actually not surprised, since the emergence of smartphones or cell phones, I see people driving openly texting and talking on their phones while driving their cars on todays roads and highways.

How much time does it take for a person while driving to pause, their driving by pulling off the road street or highways, and proceed with their texting ot phone call? I went and pulled some stats on this problem.

There are 410,000 deaths per year attributed to texting, or talking while operating a motorized vehicle in the United States. I actually believe the statistic is much higher than 40,000 deaths.

In most states you can be cited for operating a motorized vehicle on the road while it is moving while texting or talking on it. When you heard of terrible accidents and see the cars and lives of people shattered by this problem, when all it takes is the person exhibit a little rational common sense.

Here are some suggestions:

* Stop what you are doing, pull your vehicle completely off the road, that does not mean pull over in the median on the highway pulling over in the emergency lane, it means pulling completely off the road you are on at the time and start your texting or conversation.

* Buy a wireless speaker or wireless headset for your car.

* Don't openly talk on your cell phone or text where you know it's against the law.

Just use a little common sense and think about ALL of the lives including yours that will be shattered if you continue texting and talking on your cell phone while driving it.

Be smart.


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