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Bugatti Veyron

Updated on June 17, 2013

copyright reserved to Top Gear

The thousand horsepower monster

The Bugatti is a well known car manufacturing company that has recently come out recently. This is one of those companies that specialise in the manufacture of great cars you could even call them supercars. When it comes to speed this company is one of the best at it and they make no mistake in showing it in their cars.


The Bugatti supper-engineers have come out with a car called the Veyron, or the Thousand horsepower monster as I like to call it. This car is the fastest car in production to day, although there are different versions this one reaches a mind spinning speed of 253 miles an hour. The car has been classified as a rear engine grand tourer, the car its self is one of the cars which you need to actually see in action to appreciate. To be honest it looks like something out 2020 and even then it is so composed and quiet!

The car has been named car of the decade and was named after Pierre Veyron the 24hr lemans’ Winner. He was considered a great driver and loved speed, I guess this shows in the car. The car itself is quite technical so forgive for getting a bit technical in this part of the article. The car has a 8.0ltr engine, it sounds like something that you would find from a truck or a big muscle car, don’t be fooled. This engine is a W16 that was originally 2 V8 which were joint together. The car has 4 turbochargers and will go from 0 mph to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds and goes from 0 to 100mph in 4.5 seconds the same a Porsche Gt3 time from 0-60. The reason for this acceleration is the amount of computing power and a new phenom on sports elite cars called Launch Control. There is a dual clutch transmition which is more complicated that it sounds and 10 radiators to cool down the whole thing.

When it comes to cost it was supremely know as the million dollar car, but this may mean nothing to most of us. I just wanted to breakdown that million dollars into small chunks to show you how much this actually means in comparison to the ordinary vehicle. The tires something every car has cost $25k a set and can only be fitted in France in which case they will charge you a costly fee of $70k just to replace them. It is somehow strange and quite costly that the car’s tires will last only 4minutes at the top speed of the car before they’re torn to shreds.

This cars technology is both mechanically and electronically sound, for a car that does over 250mph it still has the luxuries that its closest competitors do not. An example of this is the air conditioning, the heated seats and other functions that would be stripped out in a car that does 100mph less than the Bugatti. Cross drilled ceramic brakes come as standard and an airbrake that has the same stopping power as a small hatchback.


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    • platinumOwl4 profile image


      7 years ago

      This is one exhilarating hub. Just thinking about 250 plus miles per hour or racing a jet. Mind altering, where can I see the build sheet for this car. Oh!! the tires suck.

      Have a good one


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