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The 118 MPG Car!

Updated on June 7, 2012

If you live only in California or Oregon, Honda is leasing 1100 of its newest electric hybrid, 2013, Fit EV. It is a test program and consumers will not be able to buy them BUT the Fit EV gets a whopping 118 MPG! Can you imagine? If you are running solely on battery power, you still get 82 MPG.

This Fit is the best hybrid yet. Better than the Mitsubishi @ 112 MPG, the Ford Focus @ 105 MPG and the Leaf@ 99 MPG. The real innovation is its smaller and lighter yet more powerful battery that drives 82 miles on a single charge. Granted, the car is small but the 20 kilowatt batteries are 13% smaller than any of the other electrics by 13 to 17%. That is huge in weight of the battery. The smaller batteries charge faster using 240 volts, it takes only three hours instead of 6-8. Honda has estimated that fuel costs for this Fit are only $500 a year!

If you are interested, Honda will lease the car on a three year lease at $389\mo with no down payment. The test run is starting now and the car is slated for release in 2013. This is a huge step for electric cars whose biggest issue remains the battery. Honda has taken the first steps to decrease the size and weight while making it much better.


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    • johnmarsh098 profile image

      johnmarsh098 5 years ago from New York, Smithtown

      That's Great News...and I am Eagerly waiting for it when It's come to NewYork..Eventually It'll...