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The 2013 Dodge Dart is back…with Fiat Appeal

Updated on May 8, 2013

Dodge Dart 2013

Dodge Dart 2013
Dodge Dart 2013

What's New?

To this writer, seeing an automobile name hit the streets that set in motion de-ja-vu brings back all kind of mental memory images…from Urban Cowboy to bell-bottom pants. But getting past that feeling of wanting to shake out those images is a reminder that not all things from long ago have to be a sad memory. The 2013 Dodge Dart coming out this spring is one such piece of retro making a new stage entrance and is seeing quality car reviews. In comparison to the Dart of the early 60’s, the new Dodge is one old car made inspiring.

The First Impression

The first thing that hits the senses is that there is a relationship between this automobile and the Alfa Romeo. Yes the Romeo Giulietta is sharing the foundational platform for the Dodge Dart. The widening of the dart by 1.5 feet and stretching it a foot over the Romeo comparable, makes this compact sedan from DaimlerChrysler a new view in many American rear view mirrors. The folks at Daimler are chasing after the Ford Focus and Cruze from GM to grab their share of the smaller sedan market. The Fiat Romeo manufacturer’s never believed their European model would be a factor for inspiring this return of little Dart. It just goes to show that an old car name can be resurrected into a competitive phase and one car review echoed that sentiment.


The 2013 Dart is a four-door sedan and shares the market with such notables as Hyundai in this class. The body shape has a bit of a bottle neck to its front and then widens up and out towards the shorter base rear. The windows on this automobile are acoustic, thus creating a thickening presence to the outer elements and road debris that kick up. The underbody is all covered which is a good maneuver as the framework will sit low to the road.

The front-grill work sort of smiles at you as the Dart heads your way. The rear-lights shape out like a Knight-rider car in reverse with their racing lamp geometrics. As one car review puts it, “it will be easy to spot” during a night drive.

Technical Specifications

The power for the dart is a choice of a Fiat-loaned 160 h.p., 1.4 liter, a 160 h.p. 2.0 liter or a top 184 h.p., 2.4 liter; all on a 4 cylinder block. The transmission choices are varied as well. The owner of this old car made new can have an automatic, clutch or double clutch drive. The first two choices being six-speed in nature.


The interior is literally a soft touch. Much of the surface space, from seats to dash is meant to give a feel of at home comfort for the travel. One car review hinted that the rear sitting does not lack in roominess, even for those over six-feet tall. Safety is on-track with a number of airbags to handle the 5 passenger seating. The driver will have a safe field of vision with blind spot detection in place.

Bottom Line

The base price for the automobile is $17,000 M.S.R.P. and will hit many dealerships very soon. The 2013 Dodge Dart is an old car memory with a modern sedan appeal for many.

It is as if the front grills “sneer” is laughing and saying…”I’m back.”


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