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The 2.5 Million Dollar Car

Updated on October 21, 2012

Production is limited. It is sometimes referred to as a "horizontal car" because when you can go from 0 to 60 in under three seconds and reach 186 mph in 14 seconds, well, you become horizontal. Going 124 to 186 takes a mere seven seconds. Need speed?

This is what the Koenigsegg Agera R sport car can do and for that kind of money, it better! The car comes from Sweden and is the design of Christian Koenigseggs, 40, small auto production shop in Angelhom. His 52 employees create this car out of love and devotion and production numbers are small yet it is available in the US, somewhere. But hurry! They only produce 12-15 cars a year and barely break even on them.

Get this. The engine produces a whopping 1000-1400 hp at 7100 rpm. I know, you think it is a misprint. Nope. It is a rocket car minus wings. It is light, 3200 lbs (about the weight of a VW Jetta), gets 16 mpg and contains a twin turbo DOHC 5L, 32-valve V8 engine with a seven speed stick, rear wheel drive.

Past drivers claim it is like riding on a roller coaster horizontally. But really, where in the world would you ever go 275 mph? Let along a measly 100 mph without worrying about the traffic cops on the highway?


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    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 5 years ago from England

      I think when you insure cars like this it's done differently. I love Koenigseggs. Saw a nice McLaren MP4 outside work today.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      There will always be someone to buy a car like this. The status symbol alone. Can you imagine insurance payments. Well I guess if you can afford the car you can afford the insurance.