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The Best Car Insurance for You

Updated on October 9, 2011

Despite what all the commercials might say, every car insurance company isn't right for every person. Finding the best car insurance for you really isn't all that difficult as long as you're willing to do just a little research. Don't go by the most well-known company or the one you just saw the commercial about assuming that it will be the cheapest or the best coverage for you. Instead, contact several companies and compare their rates, get quotes for your specific vehicle and situation, and choose the right one.

Don't forget that the best car insurance might not be the most coverage. If you're driving a very old vehicle that's not worth a great deal, full coverage may be much more than you need. This is especially true if you already have very good health insurance. That's because in the event of an accident, any injuries you sustained or medical attention you require will be covered by your health insurance.

If you're driving an old car that's not worth very much, then taking out comprehensive, full coverage really will only provide repairs or replacement for your vehicle. If it's not worth much, then you're probably going to overpay for this type of insurance.

The best car insurance for you if you don't have health insurance is probably going to be full coverage, simply because it will cover medical expenses in the event of an accident. Remember, if the other person involved in an accident with you was the cause and they have the required liability insurance, their insurance will cover you. If they don't have insurance and they are at fault, then you're on your own with liability insurance. But if you have full coverage, you can rely on your policy to cover the costs.

There are also add-ons you can get to make your policy the best car insurance for you. Check to see if your full-coverage policy covers things like on-the-road breakdowns and towing. The towing cost should be included in most comprehensive policies, but it's good to check and make sure. You may also be able to get things like roadside service to come and help you if you break down on the highway as part of your insurance coverage. Not everyone wants or needs this type of service so you can leave it off, shop around, customize your policy and end up with the best car insurance for you and your particular situation.


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    • perfumer profile image

      perfumer 6 years ago from California

      Thanks for your comment susannah42. What did you find interesting in this article?

    • susannah42 profile image

      susannah42 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks, good information.