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The Best YouTube Channels for Car Buffs

Updated on September 4, 2015

Millions of channels but nothing to watch

It's a problem as old as cable television. There are so many choices on YouTube, but sometimes it's difficult to find reliably-good channels of content. It's great that anyone can create content, but the downside is that anyone can create content, so it's not always very good. What's an automotive enthusiast to do?

Fret not! As a fellow car buff, I have spent many hours shifting through the video chaff and I present you with golden nuggets of automotive YouTube entertainment.


First up is one of Motor Trend's regularly-recurring YouTube shows. David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan are hot rod guys with actual mechanical chops that take some seriously-bad piles of scrapyard refuse and do ridiculously fun things with them. Just watch the video below as they put an engine from an old RV into a rusted out Charger.

Beyond their obvious mechanical knowledge, David and Mike have great chemistry. They come across as guys who just love cars and especially love the crazy hot rods they build with junk.

Roadkill episode 23

Mighty Car Mods

From The Land Down Under come two Marty and Moog, two Australians with bring with them a penchant for irreverent humor and quite a lot of automotive engineering knowledge. Their friendship and chemistry makes for a charming presentation, as if these are guys who are just letting you watch as they hang out and hammer on cars.

They've done episodes on mod builds and about mods that simply don't work. In my book, my favorite episode remains the video below. Therein the MCM guys pull out all the stops to add "street cred" to a Volkswagen.

Budget Street Cred

Regular Car Reviews

The anonymous Mr. Regular does, in fact, review cars and, generally, these are everyday cars that any reasonable person might describe as "regular cars."

However, the car review is but a small portion of what Regular Car Reviews is all about. In fact, it's the smallest portion of what RCR is about. Mr. Regular goes beyond the car itself, offering an astonishingly astute dissertation on what was going on in the automotive industry and society at large during the time a given car was being produced as well as a deep dive into the likely sociology and psychology of the kind of person who would drive said car.

If all of that sounds a little too deep for a car review, just keep in mind that each review is sprinkled with a healthy dose of absurdist humor, most of which manages to be juvenile and still somehow high-brow, like the sickest Kids In The Hall jokes. By way of example, check out the review of the Oldsmobile Super 88.

Oldsmobile Super 88

The Smoking Tire

As juxtaposition to Regular Car Reviews, I offer a more traditional car review experience. Matt Farah knows his stuff when it comes to cars. He largely reviews sports cars (because that's what car buffs enjoy) and keeps it informative and entertaining.

Check out this head-to-head comparison of the Ford Fiesta ST and the Subaru WRX.

Fiesta ST vs. Subaru WRX


Rounding out the list with another more traditional review approach is Motor Trend's Ignition series. Once again, this series focuses more on the expected list of sports cars and supercars, but it's all done with excellent presentation and high production values. You could really pick any of their reviews as an example, but I'm partial to the review of the Ford Focus ST (because I'm partial to the Focus ST, myself).

2015 Ford Focus ST


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