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The Big Question: A Statewide Auto Auction Or Car Dealership?

Updated on July 15, 2010

Although auto auctions are quite popular these days there are still a lot of people who aren’t sure what they’re all about and what sort of benefits they offer.  The fact of the matter is that you could find a vehicle pretty much in mint condition or even brand new for half of its actual value.  You can save a great deal of time, money and hassle by opting for an auction over a dealer.  With a few tips in particular you’ll have no problem finding a respectable statewide auto auction and driving off in your dream car at half the price you expected to pay.

 There are different formats of auto auctions available.  Bank auto auctions and government auto auctions are the most popular and then there are also the private auctions which need to be dealt with carefully because a lot are scams.  Shoppers have the option of either going through online auto auctions or doing it the old-fashioned way and going in person to live auctions.  It depends on whether you want to be there in person to examine a vehicle before agreeing to buy or if you feel confident looking at pictures and doing research to buy a car over an online auction.

 It’s important to understand the different rules and regulations of any statewide auto auction before bidding on any of the vehicles.  First-time bidders often get confused and assume that all auto auctions are the same but this isn’t the case.  If you make an error in judgment with payment you can end up causing a big hassle for you and the auctioneers.  You may also want to spend a bit of time inquiring to an auction representative before getting involved with any auto auction.

 They can answer any questions you may have regarding documentation received and how to register any cars you win.  It really pays to take the time and ask questions.  When you are bidding on an online auction it’s easy because you have the Internet right there which can also be incredibly helpful.  Taking the time to choose your auctions carefully is so important and can make the difference between finding a lemon and finding the car of your dreams.

 You can get an amazing deal when you go through a statewide auto auction.  It’s easy to see the huge benefits offered by these over any dealership in the world.  Wherever you can save you should and getting a car through an auction is certainly your best way of doing this.  These tips will help you have the most success and find the car of your dreams.


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