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The Biggest, Baddest Auto Trailers Around

Updated on August 14, 2013

Auto Trailers are the best way to carry any type of cargo if you are going to be hauling lots of it on the road. Strapping it behind your favorite truck and just hit the open road and you are good, without worrying about making another trip or ruining the back of your truck or car. While trailers come in all shapes and sizes, specialized for different jobs and ways to do said job, sometimes you have to wonder—what are the biggest and baddest trailers out there, and what cargo is meant to be carried in these monsters?

Race Car Trailer

The Coors Light Nascar car, seen in a parking lot in Norman, Oklahoma.
The Coors Light Nascar car, seen in a parking lot in Norman, Oklahoma. | Source

Race Car Haulers

The biggest trailers that you will most likely come across are race car haulers. Race Car haulers are specialized trailers made for hauling precious race cars to a track. They are enclosed trailers, and made large enough so you can keep the car and all the equipment needed to service said car inside. without squeezing. The latest models of these race car haulers are an enormous thirty-two feet long and up to eight or more feet across made by Cargo Mate , with built in ramps and two doors. They can even come with electrical outlets, LED lighting, wiring for optional air conditioning, flooring, cabinets, a wardrobe cabinet, generators, fire compartments, exterior plugs, breaker panels, and many more add-ons. These trailers can be upwards of $15,000 or more, depending upon the make and model. While extremely expensive, if you need to haul a racecar, the price is probably not going to be a hassle for you.

ESPN - it's not crazy, it's sports - Haulers

Custom Haulers

Another expensive hauler, made by the same company that makes the race car haulers, Cargo Mate, are a custom version of the same hauler exterior but a different interior. The near-$20,000 custom hauler is thirty-two feet by eight feet, the same length and width of the race car hauler, but the interior is different in that it contains over 6 feet in height, more spare tire compartments, a generator, electric jacks, a rubber floor, full cabinets with a built in toolbox, and exterior and interior LED lights. The capacity is over 14,000 pounds, so you might as well be hauling a race car. The only real difference is the lack of racecar ramp and a few of the interior features, but with all those features, you might as well be.

Down the list, Cargo Mate also makes a smaller hauler with several different features. The fourteen by seven smaller hauler contains a wedge nose, unlike the two larger haulers, a ramp door that can extend for longer distances , custom made interior cabinets, a rubber floor, and four wheels. It can be hitched by any large truck and has a 7,000 pound capacity. The smaller hauler also has some exterior paint options, allowing you to customize if you really want to. Like Cargo Mate’s other products, the hauler is made with excellent quality and will be in top shape for years to come, allowing you to haul whatever you need without worrying about if your trailer can carry it.

Dean Fiore's race hauler in the pits at Bathurst 2011.
Dean Fiore's race hauler in the pits at Bathurst 2011. | Source

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