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The Car Guy

Updated on February 3, 2016
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the one who isn't

So I am pretty frustrated. I know I shouldn't be, I should just let it go.

But I can’t.
I know some people who who strut around and tell everyone that they are such knowledgable car guys--that they know everything there is to know about cars.

When I first met one such person I thought that he must know something, since he built his own “Tuner”. a Japanese import--modified.
I don’t like tuners, I personally like American Muscle.
Over that year and into the next, his “tumer” broke down several times. He blamed the people who worked on it. That is when I found out that he didn't build it. He bought the car and had others do the work. However, he would putter around on it and that is what screwed up his car.
Then over the following years I discovered,while talking with him about cars that he really knew nothing. He went by what he saw in the movies and on the internet.
Now let us move ahead to 2014-2015.
This guy got rid of his SUV that he had bought after selling his “tuner”. He sold it because his lack of proper maintenance and doing "upgrades" to it which ruined the suv.
He now has another import. He bought this car because he is a car guy and knows SO MUCH about that particular make and model.
This car is rusted out underneath, the air conditioner doesn't work, the brakes are shot and tires are balding badly. All things he said he didn't know about…and he is a car guy.
This same guy is telling my son all the things he should do to his Impala, my son just laughs.
Now what he has done to his new import is -in my opinion not what a true car guy would do at this stage of the game.
Remember all the things that are wrong with the car.
Instead of fixing those problems he replaced the perfect working headlights with HID and didn't hook them up right, so they don't work properly. He lowered the car wrong, and the frame is now slightly bent, you can see this because the hood wont close properly. He replaced the exhaust with a high flow and put in a new intake. He did all these things and never fixed the previous problems…which should have been done first.Can you say, "Poser". Sure you can, his parents do.
Now he drives this wreck all over the place and he thinks it is a super fast race car that can out-do a Viper. This is what he tells people. In reality it is worse now than it was when he bought it. It is now a brick on wheels. I fear for his life and the life of every person he drives near.

--Update since I wrote this blog...his import is destroyed, I heard he ruined the engine so he bought another car which I heard is a wreck and he also started working on it himself and the engine is running very rough now and lacks power.

So is he a real car guy? I think not.
It is very important that if a person wants to modify their vehicle that they put their pride aside and learn by asking people for advice and help. One must ask those who know about vehicles the proper questions. Work with them and be humble enough to say, “I don’t know what I am doing”. this is the way we learn, and this is how we build safe cars.

In my opinion, as well as some others; a car guy or car enthusiast is someone who likes cars, respects cars. A person who either makes them original or modifies them. A person who maintains their car, makes it safe and learns every inch about their machine. A person who thinks a lot about their vehicle and treats it like a member of their family. They repair what is broken, as if they nursed their sick child back to health.

unknown person
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