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The E-Tracer is One Future Car

Updated on January 2, 2011

What is a...

4 cylinder in-line BMW K-engine 1171cc, 16 valves, liquid cooling motor with a sequential PG-gearbox with 4 forward speeds and electrically unlockable reverse, shifted by push-button selector on left handlebar. It has 3 steel brake discs with 4-piston-hydraulic callipers, fully integrated electronic ABS, ASP anti spin control optional. It has a Computer-supervised electrically operated stabilizer servo system, with a deployment time of less than half a second.

Sounds like a motorcycle. But wait, there is more...

The AC-P 150 kW electric motor can propel the E-Tracer to 200+ mph and it easily gets 3 hours or over 200 miles of constant highway driving at 75 mph. with the standard built in charger using 20kW power. It can be then recharged again in only one hour.

Enter the E-Tracer from Switzerland

The E-tracer Cabin Cycle tips the scales at a substantial 1,260 pounds or about 3 normal cycles!. Its wheelbase is 120 inches. It is also about twice as long as a full-sized cruiser. Since it is fully enclosed, you may wonder how the thing stays upright at low speeds or when stopped. For that purpose, it utilizes outriggers that are deployed via a toggle switch in the cockpit.

It will go 0-60mph in 6 seconds-that is fast! Better is the fact one can travel 200 miles on what is an equivalent to one gallon of gas. It does have four wheels when the speed is reduced to below safe levels making balancing an issue. Most of the time, the two side wheels drop down when stopped or under 5 mph. Its batteries are lithium like those in the Tesla car and its engine creates 204 hp that propels it from 60-120 mph within 3 seconds! That is like a Ferrari 458 car.

The cost is hovering around $70-80,000 and only 100 will be made each year, so, it is a rich person's toy or expensive vehicle. Learning to drive it seems to require considerable time even for the experienced motorcyclists.

That is why it has "training wheels" at slow speeds.


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