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The Future of Firework’s Industry

Updated on September 13, 2017

Fireworks industry is an industry still worth being and it is going through a revolution which will ultimately lead to its growth. Over years, this industry has undergone ups and downs which it has survived all through. Firstly, the business requires initial capital investment which discouraged local people from venturing into the industry. Fortunately, the Chinese government released money to help the small-scale farmers in setting the business. Through this initiative, the government encouraged the local people in investing in the industry. Secondly, many countries like Europe which restricted the use of fireworks in the late 20th century dropped them hence expanding the market. For instance, various agencies such as BAFT were set to regulate the production, storage, use and distribution of explosives. Over years, these international regulations have been lifted and this has encouraged the sale of fireworks.

Again, fireworks industry has been undergoing through the technological advancements such as production of laser beams, computerization of firing and use of musical instruments to make the fireworks more appealing. The manufacturers have also been able to make smokeless fireworks which thus provide an antidote to the environmental concern of their nature. Many countries banned to the use of fireworks due to its environmental concern and the innovation of this smokeless design will boost its use worldwide. Lastly, it is almost an agreed fact that there is no equal replacement to fireworks. Traditions cannot fade and must always be celebrated in a unique way which many believe fireworks do better.


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