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The Honda V4 Concept Motorcycle

Updated on May 30, 2014

Honda Equals Strength

Honda is one of the most successful and long standing automobile companies in the world. They have particularly stamped their footprints in the making of some of the best motorcycles and scooters that roam the world today. Like a weightlifter who spends innumerable hours on his weight bench doing bench presses, so has Honda-the company spent innumerable hours perfecting the art of making the best motorcycle.

If you are looking for a good motorcycle that will give you value for your money, chances are you are looking for a Honda Motorcycle. Here are the models available for your picking:

Honda VFR1000F- One of the motorbikes from Honda.
Honda VFR1000F- One of the motorbikes from Honda. | Source

Honda Motorcycles Series

The CTX Series

The CTX series actually only exists in Honda’s plans and ambitions for 2014. In a press release by Honda, the CTX series was hailed as “cutting across many demographic categories while emphasizing one key theme: the fun of riding, at an affordable price”. Well, we can’t wait to lay our hands on the CTX Series.

CBR Series:

The CBR series has staked its position as Honda’s ultimate sport line bike. For the times that the CBR have appeared in the racetracks, they have proved their reputation with their superior performance.

CB Series:

The CB series bikes are optimally designed for commuting and cruising. They are also popular in motorsport.

CRF Series:

This superior series of bikes is a direct descendant of the Honda CR series. They are optimally configured to endure motocross and trail riding, among a truckload of other off-road activities.

Gold Wing Series:

Honda launched the Gold Wing Series in 1974 and was part of its pioneer Motorcycles. Aesthetically stylish, this great bike offers beauty, glamour and superior touring capabilities.

XR Series:

If you are looking for a motorcycle that will give you both on-road and of-road superior performance, then you should look no further. The Honda XR series is known for its dual-purpose nature. It will offer you optimal drivability in both off-road and on-road scenarios.

NC Series

Analysts have defined the Honda NC series as a ‘modernized version of the Honda CB Series’. The NC series are quick and a textbook equilibrium of cruising and high-speed ability.

Shadow Line Series:

For the V-twin and style fanatics, this series offers something to talk about. Honda specifically made the series for fun gamers who love cruising.

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Bonus Scoop: The Honda Scooters

Best Honda Scooter Models

  • · Honda Activa

Defined by automobile analysts as ‘one of the ace scooters from Honda’, Honda Activa is definitely the most economical scooter in the market. It consumes far less fuel and its mileage is 15% more than that of other scooters in the market. For people going for affordable, stylish and comfortable, the Honda Activa scooter is definitely the way to scoot.

  • · Honda Dio

This is a scooter from Honda, with both the look and the feel of a motorcycle. It provides ample legroom and its wedge suits most European designs.

  • · Honda Aviator

With a low turning radius and a good handle, the Honda Aviator Scooter offers efficiency and safety that surpasses that of many other scooters in the market. It is also stylish and comes in five different colors.

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      Patrick 4 years ago from Nairobi

      I actually do not know how I got past that. Maybe because I was writing without the intention of being overly promotional in mind...

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Great article but how did you get around the "too promotional" rule?

      I want one.