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The KDM Fusion

Updated on May 5, 2014

KDM has greatly risen in ranks amongst the car enthusiasts as a formidable factor in dominating the car industry. Many car enthusiasts now recognize KDM and KDM accessories to be as important to them in terms of car identity. The KDM industry has actually grown in fan base so aftermarket products such as LED lights, decals, and body kits have been created specially to cater to the KDM car world.

What is KDM?

KDM stands for Korean Domestic Market and its automobile exports are actually the fifth largest in the world. Initially, Korean car operations stemmed from putting together pieces from foreign companies, but today’s Korean car market is actually very lucrative with high-tech performance, design, and expert technology. Originally, Korean car companies had to partner with Japanese companies in order to develop their vehicles but those ties are no longer there. Today’s KDM companies include popular brands like Hyundai, Kia, and Daewoo.

A Korean businessman, Choi Mu-Seong and two of his brothers, took a part a modified jeep engine and created Korea’s first car called the Sibal. Sibal is translated as “new start” and that’s exactly what it is. Today Korean car market has evolved into something large and is actually quite popular in the world. Korean cars have become top picks for many Americans because of its design and quality.

How is KDM different from JDM?

The Scion FR-S is smaller and lighter than the Hyundai Genesis, but in a track race between the two Asian cars, it was actually the Hyundai Genesis that had a quicker lap time, beating the FR-S by about a second. The Hyundai Genesis reaches a top speed of 100.89 mph while the Scion FR-S has a top speed of 92.11 mph, which is about 8 more mph. Although the difference may not seem like much, but to some car racers, that split second of time and performance speed could mean a lot. The Hyundai Genesis is a nice luxury sports coupe with great styling and interior design, complete with a spacious interior and many high quality amenities. The turbo charged engine is also pretty impressive with a 2.0L.

There are car decals to for the driver to show the world if they prefer JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) or KDM more. While the JDM crew sport stickers like the shocker, Shoshinsha mark, and some Japanese cartoon characters, the Korean Domestic Market has its own take on some of these decals. KDM stickers include decals that say “Eat, sleep, KDM” and “I <3 KDM” for fans of the Korean market.

Hyundai Sonata:

The Hyundai Sonata has been produced since 1985, meaning that it did a lot of improving and fixing to improve it to the way it is today. The first generation Hyundai (1985) was only sold in Korea and Canada, but the sixth generation in the present time is sold all over the world and has definitely made a name for itself. The new 2015 Hyundai Sonata is said to be inspired by the Hyundai Genesis.

Kia Optima:

The Kia Optima is a very popular KDM car and made as a four-door sedan. The first generation (2000) Kia Optimas were actually introduced as a variant of the Hyundai Sonata, but it became well known as its own model in subsequent years. The newly designed Kia Optima (2011) is very sleek, sporty, with a new grille nicknamed as the Tiger Nose. The Kia Optima has a few trims with a universal GDI 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder engine in 6 speed manual or automatic transmission. In March of 2012, the Kia Optima came in third place in a comparison test.

Some KDM fans love their Kia Optima so much that they choose to add some new LED Daytime Running Lights for their car to personalize it as much as possible. Because the American versions of the Optima don’t have the Korean car style, people try to make their Optima as Korean looking as possible. A nice set of new xenon white lights are a great choice to achieve this goal. The people who mod their Optimas can even make this a sort of Sunday project, or a bonding activity between friends and family.

Hyundai Genesis:

Perhaps the most well praised Korean car is the Hyundai Genesis, a full-size luxury vehicle. In 2010, a coupe version was introduced and there have been plenty of media coverage involved. The Genesis even made the 2007 Motor Trend’s “Top Ten Cars Worth Waiting For” and was even featured a spot in the Super Bowl.

The Hyundai Genesis is so easily modified that many people opt to install a nice pair of LED Angel Eye Halo Rings just to make their Genesis stand out. The Genesis is already a great car, but imagine more much greater the car is with some new aftermarket LED Angel Eyes to zoom through the night. Many people try to find options to make their Genesis more unique so they like to add unique LED add-ons to show the world their appreciation for the KDM life and the world of aftermarket LED options. LED Angel Eyes do an excellent job of making the Genesis coupe more with the KDM style.


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